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MitoQ Helps Rejuvenate Exposed Skin

Larry-B MitoQ story
Larry B.
New Zealand

Hi, I have been a helicopter Pilot for over 40 years a job which can expose your skin to the sun more than most.

Often we can get caught flying into the sun in a straight line for over an hour with my hand and arms on the controls in one position, as the helicopter bubbles are like a glass house, sun damage on my hands arms and face can be pretty fierce. Especially in New Zealand with one of the highest overall UV ratings in the world.

I have six monthly skin check ups with a Dermatologist. I have had a Melanoma removed a few years ago and many basil cell carcinomas.

"I have been using MitoQ on my hands now for over a month and have noticed a marked improvement in the skin quality, it feels and looks healthier"

And I do not have any skin issues at present. I would recommend anyone with light skin and exposure like mine to try this treatment.

Disclaimer: MitoQ supplement testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary.

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