“Gave Me Sustained Energy”

Meritxell McNally, USA

image of Meritxell McNally, a real-life MitoQ user, mom, wife and entrepreneur

I found MitoQ through a really good friend of mine, it was working for her and I gave it a try and it really helped my energy. I'm just excited that I found it because with my previous condition, it really made a big difference.

MitoQ gave me a sustained energy level and I could see the difference when I wasn't taking it versus when I took it. I really love being able to be back to enjoying fully the activities we do with the whole family. I like being at the pool with them and just simple things like walking, hiking, and jumping on the trampoline. I love all that. I need all this energy, everything is energy. So for me to be the best executive, the best mom, the best wife, I need that energy.

MitoQ has contributed so much for me to reach that next level and give it my all to the things that matter to me most.

Meritxell hiking
I’m a huge fan of MitoQ, I’ve been taking it for a long time. It makes such a difference to my day. My cognition is better, I can deal with long days.

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Amy Paul MitoQ user

Amy Paul

Wife, mom, volleyball enthusiast & MitoQ user

"Ever since I have been taking MitoQ and feeling the benefits, I have energy to tackle everything that I need going on throughout the day."

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