Woman and child playing guitar

How to Build Lasting Mental Clarity

Tips to help you boost your mental clarity including sleep, stress, exercise, hydration and supplementation

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cells and mitochondria

Meet the MitoQ Science Expert Panel

Since the creation of MitoQ, research has been at the cornerstone of everything we do as a brand - and with that, we are excited to finally announce the formation of the MitoQ Science Expert Panel.

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Mike and Rob

A Q&A with MitoQ’s co-creators

To celebrate MitoQ’s 10th birthday, we caught up with the molecule’s co-creators, Professors Mike Murphy and Robin Smith.

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a headshot of Doug Seals

Professor Doug Seals on MitoQ and heart health

Find out about the research he’s conducted on MitoQ, what he’s learned so far about MitoQ and arterial health & further research in this area that he’s working on.

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MitoQ NZ Cycling Project

How MitoQ supports NZ Cycling Project’s race success

We’ve been following the team’s progress and keeping up with how MitoQ has been supporting them throughout the races. Their 2022 race results were nothing short of amazing, and their MitoQ reviews speak for themselves.

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MitoQ's Chief Science & Technology Officer

Meet our new CSO: Siobhan Mitchell

Get to know MitoQ’s Chief Science and Technology Officer Siobhan Mitchell!

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Endurance coach Paul Cadman

MitoQ live: why athletes need antioxidants

Find out why athletes need antioxidants in this Q&A interview with MitoQ expert + endurance coach Paul Cadman.

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Cycling tour New Zealand

That’s a wrap! The MitoQ cycling tour of New Zealand is complete

Thinking about cycle touring New Zealand? See how MitoQ supported this group of 50-year-old friends in cycling from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

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