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How Your Mitochondria Are Holding Back Your Health Goals

If you’re falling short of your health goals, it could be your mitochondria health that’s holding you back.

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MitoQ pure product

Targeted antioxidants: Explained

The problem with common antioxidant supplements on the market is that they often don’t reach the places that free radicals accumulate the most in the body – the mitochondria. MitoQ is different.

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Meet the MitoQ Science Expert Panel

Since the creation of MitoQ, research has been at the cornerstone of everything we do as a brand - and with that, we are excited to finally announce the formation of the MitoQ Science Expert Panel.

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Cell support

How to support damaged cells naturally

When a cell is initially disturbed, it tends to swell. Damage that isn’t too chronic or severe can be overcome and, if mitochondrial function is restored, the cell can recover its normal functioning.

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How to add more life to your years

Our life expectancy has increased - but now it's time to increase our health span, our quality of life and to lean into the new model of preventative health so we can add more life to our years.

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How does MitoQ work – the mechanism of action

MitoQ (Mitoquinol Mesylate) is the world’s first mitochondrially-targeted antioxidant. Here's how it works.

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How to balance hormones at a cellular level

Is it your hormones, or is it really your cells that need support? Unlock the secret to hormonal balance by learning about the connection between your cells and the way your hormones interact.

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Rhodiola Rosea on your physical and mental performance

Supports mental performance and stress resistance, help to relieve stress-induced fatigue and aid in physical function among other benefits.

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