Who is Colin O'Brady?

As a record holding explorer, top speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Colin O’Brady embodies what it means to live life with less limits.

He’s a 10x world record breaking explorer, with some of his many accomplishments including a world-first solo crossing Antarctica and summiting Mount Everest, twice. But Colin isn't just an adventurer. He's also a TedEx speaker, NY times best-selling author, and is widely known as one of the world's greatest endurance athletes. Aside from the fact that Colin lives and breathes the MitoQ values, you may be wondering where we fit into all of this.

In June 2024, Colin will be attempting to break the world record for the Race Across America - and we are one of his proud sponsors! As one of the longest, most difficult and most prestigious endurance cycling events in the world, the Race Across America spans 3000 miles from California to New Jersey, with the current record set at 6 days and 11 hours.

MitoQ Pure, an Informed Sport Certified supplement, is the only supplement they will be taking is the only supplement they will be taking in preparation for and during the race, and we couldn't be more excited to go on this journey with them – so let’s get to know Colin a little better.

Meet Colin O’Brady

Colin’s passion for the great outdoors stems from his upbringing in Portland, Oregon where he spent his childhood exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. As an active kid, Colin went on to compete nationally in high school swimming and soccer, and was ultimately recruited to swim at Yale University. It was just a few years after he graduated in 2006 that his life took a dramatic turn.

In 2008 while backpacking around Thailand, Colin suffered a tragic accident and was severely burned in a fire. He sustained injuries that covered nearly 25% of his entire body, with most of the damage isolated to his legs and feet. Colin was warned by Doctors that he may never walk again normally, but with the encouragement of his mother – despite all odds – Colin courageously decided to set himself a seemingly impossible goal – to complete his first triathlon after reaching a full recovery.

From bedridden to professional athlete

After 18 months of extensive rehab, Colin amazed the sporting world by placing first in the Chicago Triathlon – his first ever race. From being told by medical specialists that walking normally again would be an unlikely feat, to then winning first place in a triathlon a mere 18 months later – Colin’s perseverance and grit has captured the attention of a worldwide audience. Colin went on to become a professional triathlete, racing in 25 countries on six continents, representing the United States in international triathlon competitions.

After six years of competing as a professional triathlete, Colin set his sights on completing a prestigious mountaineering challenge in world record time. Fewer than 50 people had ever completed ‘The Explorers Grand Slam’, a challenge to reach the North Pole, the South Pole and all of the Seven Summits and Colin conquered the challenge in 139 days – a world record time. But that’s not the only world-first Colin has under his belt. In 2018, Colin set the world record for the 50 US High Points challenge, then took on the world’s first solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica.

The impossible first

Colin successfully completed the Antarctica mission, hiking for 54 days in total – making him the first man to complete the Antarctica trek alone and unassisted.

After dedicating his life to defying the odds and living every day to the fullest, Colin is committed to making a difference. From establishing a non-profit to inspire kids to pursue their wildest dreams, to sharing his story around the world – being invited to speak at hosted company events by Nike, Toyota, Google and Samsung – Colin has dedicated himself to inspiring others to live up to their true potential.

You know, as physical as a challenge this was, more than anything, it's a mental challenge, you know, to be out there day after day alone. There's, you know, so many moments of fear and just, you know, questioning, what am I doing? Is this worth it? Why? Why? Why? But also, one of the beautiful things was finding that peace and calm in my mind. Even in the midst of some really challenging moments, I was able to find peace and calm. And it truly gave me the strength and power to continue
Colin O'Brady

The Race Across America

Colin’s next big adventure is the Race Across America (RAAM) set to take place in June of this year. The 3,000 mile coast to coast race across the US is several hundred miles longer than the Tour de France, and arguably much harder in many aspects (for one, the clock is continuously running and there are no stage breaks, meaning that sleep is a time hazard). The current world record was set in 2019 at the time of 6 days, 11 hours, held by Jean Lucas Perez & Evens Stievenart of France.

Colin and his childhood friend Lucas Clarke will both be partaking in the race, and they intend to break the world record - completing the RAAM in less than 6 days. It’s fair to say, they’ll be needing their daily dose of MitoQ Pure.

Learn more about the Race Across America here, or follow Colin’s latest updates and adventures on social media.

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