Jono Neilson, hand cyclist

Champion hand-cyclist Jono Nelson is #PoweredByMitoQ

MitoQ ambassador Jono Nelson is one inspiring guy. He’s a champion hand-cyclist - he’s competed at the world championships, three world cups and, in 2018, he was ranked 28th in the world. As well as these achievements, outside of hand-cycling, he works as a community support worker and is also a dedicated husband to his wife, Sharon.

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Cell under microscope

MitoQ’s Chief Scientific Officer answers your FAQs

When Will Stow first started as MitoQ’s Chief Scientific Officer, only around half a dozen people were working at the company’s head office in New Zealand. Now, in 2021, the ‘MitoQCrew’ keep in touch across multiple countries and serve customers around the globe. For Will, the science behind MitoQ continues to be as exciting as it was the day he started.

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a headshot of Kaytee Boyd

Mother’s day inspiration from wellness expert Kaytee Boyd

Being a mom is one of the most fantastic, frustrating, exhausting, amazing, thankless, rewarding and ever-changing roles you can have in life. Many of us at MitoQ are parents and we know that, while it’s not always easy, one of the best things you can do as a parent is get your own health foundations right by optimizing your cell health, so you have energy and patience to give to your little ones and lead by good example.

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Kayaking through the NZ bush

An insider’s guide to the GODZone adventure race

This year’s GODZone, a multi-day adventure race, was held in New Zealand’s Rotorua thermal district and offered participating teams between 4-8 days in which to kayak, hike, raft, mountain bike, and navigate their way to the finish line.

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Nick Allen hiking

How I build resilience by increasing margins

MitoQ Ambassador, Nick Allen, works hard to practice resilience every day. He is constantly inspiring us with his positive outlook on life and can-do attitude, so we asked him to write about it. In part one we explored what resilience means to him and 5 steps to practice resilience every day. In part two, we explore how Nick himself practices it in his everyday life.

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coffee beans

Gaming on caffeine & how MitoQ is better for gamers

Caffeine and gaming often go hand in hand, but it isn’t the only option when it comes to improving your cognitive and gaming abilities.

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NZ Cycling project 2021

NZ Cycling Project takes on the Tour of Southland

Everyone knows the Tour de France. That almost cultish event that has cycling enthusiasts all over the world glued to their televisions every European summer. Some are such big fans, they also follow the other big tours in Italy and Spain.

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image of contestants in the Coast to Coast multisport race in New Zealand in 2021

Coast to Coast 2021: Ryan Kiesanowski’s resilient ride to 3rd place

If you’re into multisport events, you’ll likely have heard of Coast to Coast. Held in the South Island of New Zealand, Coast to Coast is a multisport race that involves long-distance running, biking, and kayaking across the length of the South Island. MitoQ joined up with racer Ryan Kiesanowski to support him with his recovery and performance.

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Paul Cadman Kayaking

How to include MitoQ in your training and track your performance

Athletes and coaches are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve training. Once you’ve got a solid foundation to build on in place, it’s time to look for ways to work smarter. MitoQ, our advanced, high-tech form of CoQ10, is being used increasingly by athletes to support training, enhance performance and ultimately achieve athletic goals.

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