Kaytee Boyd

Integrative nutritionist, sports scientist, founding director of The Boyd Clinic, charity advisor, educational speaker, and former professional cyclist.

Kaytee Boyd MitoQ Expert

Meet: Kaytee Boyd

MitoQ Ambassador Kaytee Boyd is a powerhouse of energy, talent and knowledge. Being a passionate advocate for MitoQ for a number of years, Kaytee has long been one of the team but now it’s time to bring her into the spotlight.

Career background

An integrative nutritionist, wellness proponent, businesswoman and former professional athlete, Kaytee has a double degree in Human Nutrition and Sports Science and an impressive career that has spanned more than 25 years in the health and wellness industry. An integrative nutritionist at her two busy clinics in Auckland, New Zealand, Kaytee is also a board advisor for health charities and leads weekend masterclass workshops for health industry staff, nutritionists and dietitians, clients and the wider community. Add to that Kaytee’s background as a professional cyclist on the international circuit, and you have one pretty impressive resume.

Pro Cyclist

Kaytee has competed professionally for New Zealand and is one of the few – if not the only – people to represent their country in four different disciplines of cycling (BMX, mountain, road and track). She is a cycling World Cup Gold Medalist and competed in the Commonwealth Games. As a retired athlete Kaytee’s skill base has great depth and knowledge of the human body making it extremely helpful in diagnosis and treatment. As well as constructing exercise programs and nutrition plans for her clients, Kaytee often recommends MitoQ as part of their supplement plan, because she believes that energy plays a huge role in health and wellbeing outcomes.

Energy is the most important aspect of our lives." says Kaytee "It’s everything... I’m a huge fan of MitoQ, I’ve been taking it for a long time. It makes such a difference to my day. My cognition is better, I can deal with long days. My energy’s better. I don’t have any dips, so I don’t get that 3 o’clock low in the afternoon. And I notice dramatically when I don’t take it.
Kaytee Boyd Integrative nutritionist, wellness proponent, businesswoman and former professional athlete

As someone who lives life to the fullest and prioritizes her health, Kaytee turns to MitoQ to fuel her busy lifestyle. We recently caught up with Kaytee about how she motivates herself and keeps on top of her busy schedule. Watch the video above for the full interview.

Kaytee Boyd
If I could, I’d surf every day. Surfing makes me feel grounded, relaxed and gives me a sense of achievement. If you have energy, you’re going to have motivation, and if you have motivation, you’re able to achieve whatever it is that you’d like to achieve. I’ve used MitoQ for years and it’s one of my major go-tos. Its delivery system is like no other CoQ10, Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone on the market and I’m all about that.