Introducing Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson ~ Celebrity fitness trainer and former LA Lakers director of strength and endurance

Gunnar Peterson MitoQ Ambassador

We’re super pumped to announce our partnership with Gunnar Peterson, former LA Lakers director of strength and endurance and celebrity fitness trainer.

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Gunnar is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training, varied workouts and focuses on achieving long-term results with his clients. His huge caliber of clients ranges from the Los Angeles Lakers, celebrities, professional athletes and even everyday people.

Gunnar’s dynamic approach to fitness, nutrition, health and wellness makes him an ideal ambassador for MitoQ. As a supporter of innovative products which promote endurance and energy, we’re excited to have him on the team.

Life is all about energy. Energy in, energy out. I don’t ever let my tank get down to E. MitoQ makes sure of that!

“What I’ve noticed about my health and wellness since I’ve taken MitoQ is the fact that I’m able to keep going. You sort of take it for granted, then one day you look back and you go wow, I’ve been doing this for two months. I haven’t had a break, I haven’t had a day off, but you also notice that you haven’t been sick, you haven’t been irritable, you haven’t had weird fluctuations in your energy. And you think, I wonder if that’s the MitoQ. And it is.” Gunnar concludes.

MitoQ was discovered at the University of Otago and is the world’s first CoQ10 antioxidant that can both penetrate the mitochondrial membranes and act directly inside mitochondria; the power plants that provide the energy needed by cells to function properly and fight off free radicals.

By slowing the gradual damage associated with free radicals, MitoQ supports optimal organ function and may help to slow down a variety of cellular ageing processes. We now know that well over 200 health conditions are associated with poor mitochondrial function.

MitoQ has achieved significant global attention in the medical and research community with more than 100 studies currently underway by independent research groups, evaluating its effect across a wide range of disciplines. MitoQ’s technology is the first of its kind and shows promise in supporting cardiovascular, kidney, neurological and immune health.

Recent research has showcased the potential MitoQ can play in age-related cardiovascular health.

MitoQ CEO Greg Macpherson says, “As people age, their risk of developing cardiovascular health issues increases significantly. Many of these people don’t, or can’t, meet the recommended healthy diet and exercise guidelines. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, MitoQ represents a very promising complementary strategy for supporting flexible arteries and heart health.”

The MitoQ range comprises products that target different areas of the body, ranging from heart, liver, eyes and more.

James lawrence iron cowboy

Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence, coach, triathlete, family man, and Guinness World Record breaker

“I’m a coach and I preach muscular endurance: MitoQ gives you the best starting point to enhance the recovery aspect of training.”

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Gary Hall Jnr

Gary Hall Jnr

10-time Olympic medallist and prominent diabetes advocate

"MitoQ served as a kick starter to re-engaging a more active lifestyle, mitigating stress and getting me back to feeling my best."

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