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Marta from Truth in Ageing recently gave our MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum 5/5 stars. Have a read of her full review here:


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Truth In Aging community stalwart Gloria is about the same age as me and similarly fair-skinned, so when I read her rave review of the new MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum, I was eager to try it myself. Just like Gloria, I found that this serum worked its magic overnight to smooth lines and creases and brighten the complexion.

The ingredient that defines MitoQ Crystal brightening is octadecenedioic acid. This was developed (from a fermented plant-derived oleic acid) to improve upon azelaic acid, a well-known active for reducing hyperpigmentation. The goal was an ingredient that would be less irritating and more effective. Clinical trials showed octadecenedioic acid at only two percent competing with azelaic acid at 20 percent with no side effects. It also proved to be effective at differentiation cells in the epidermis.

It seems that the reason for octadecenedioic acid’s success is that it works in a different way to traditional brightening ingredients (which inhibit tyrosinase) by intercepting receptors called PPARs. I haven’t come across it in many products, and so I was especially excited to try it in Crystal Brightening.

I now believe that it is responsible for giving me a smoother, brighter look.

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MitoQ’s signature ingredient, mitoquinone mesylate, is also a key active. This is ubiquinone, modified by MitoQ to target mitochondria (the energy sources in our cells). It is accumulated selectively and extensively by mitochondria, in contrast to other antioxidants, which distribute evenly throughout the cell. Another important component of this serum is Prodizia, which is basically extract of Albizia Julibrissin. It repairs damage done by glycation (whereby glucose causes damage by randomly reacting with proteins and DNA) and, as a bonus, is also supposed to diminish dark under eye circles.

I personally found that I needed to layer a moisturizer over Crystal Brightening, as it was not hydrating enough for me on its own. Lately, I have been reaching for MitoQ Skin Boosting Active Night Cream and in when in extreme need of hydration, Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil ($62 in the shop). Overall, I find this to be an excellent addition to our skin brightening collection.

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