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MitoQ features in Kia Ora Magazine

Have you seen us in Kia Ora Magazine? We were featured in the May edition of Air New Zealand's in flight magazine.

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MitoQ as seen on Pop Sugar

What does Gunnar Peterson suggest you to do to want to crush your fitness goals in 2019? Discover his hot tips and how MitoQ can help you smash them.

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MitoQ as seen on

Want 8 ways to dominate your fitness goals? Livestrong sat down with Gunnar Peterson at his Beverly Hills gym to get the advice he gives A-list clients

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MitoQ as seen in the Los Angeles Times

Discover why 'fitness dating’ should be your goal in 2019 with MitoQ and Gunnar Peterson, LA Lakers director of strength and endurance

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MitoQ as featured on Radio New Zealand

Prof. Mike Murphy speaks to Kim Hill from Radio New Zealand about developing antioxidants that help fight aging and mitochondrial health.

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MitoQ as seen on Hollywood Life

Busy, successful people do not get there by accident: they work hard on their well-being and make smart decisions every day to look and feel at their best

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