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Marta from Truth in Aging recently gave our MitoQ  Eye Renew 5/5 stars. Have a read of her full review here:

At the US press launch for MitoQ’s new line at a swanky New York restaurant and with a super model in attendance, I was asked to give a little speech to the press explaining how the Truth In Aging community had first discovered MitoQ back in 2014 and its unique approach to anti-aging. Like the other attendees, I was given a tube of the new MitoQ Eye Renew, the brand’s very first eye serum. I immediately started testing it and can say has it ever been worth the wait. This is a serious eye cream.

MitoQ Marta Review

The most notable result is firmness. My under eye area responds to the tap test with a taut springiness.

It is so impressive that I am wont to gently poke and prod around my eyes, enjoying the feeling of dense skin. My lids are also lifted. Although not especially prone to dark under eye circles, I also notice that the whole area is clearer and brighter. MitoQ has created a winner that is worthy of its original Moisturizing Cellular Energizing Serum.

One of the most notable ingredients is marketed as Beautifeye and is still a somewhat rare find. It is the combination of Darutoside and an extract from the “tree of happiness”. Darutoside is a combo of two botanical extracts, siegesbeckia orientalis and centella asiatica. It is supposed to be highly emollient and stimulate tissue regeneration via the collagen fibers. The happiness tree is more properly known as abizia, an antioxidant.

Sederma, who makes Beautifeye, claims that it is the “first active ingredient of its kind demonstrated to have a lifting action on the sagging upper eyelid” as well as diminishing puffiness and dark circles. Well, it certainly has for me.

While Beautifeye may still be making its way into eye cream formulations, Eye Renew will always be the only eye serum with the proprietary MitoQ. This is an antioxidant molecule that targets mitochondria, the source of energy in our cells. Science is still making discoveries about the importance of mitochondria and only last year researchers at a university in the UK found a link between declining mitochondria and aging skin.

Also worth a call out are phytosterols. These are plant-derived and are molecules associated with cholesterol. It seems that they can actively replenish collagen and much more. In fact, my initial research suggests they are worthy of a deeper dive and I’ll come back to them in an Ingredient Spotlight.

A couple of quibbles. I don’t love the applicator, a tube topped with a flat, circular metal and plastic tip. I don’t find that it helps apply the cream to the eye area and I simply wipe the product off onto my ring finger and then rub it gently in. The only ingredient not to like is the preservative sodium hydroxide. But these are easily shrugged off when it comes to assessing what is an excellent eye cream.

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