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This article was originally published in MiNDFOOD September 2015 Edition. If you’re lacking energy, chances are that your mitochondria need a boost. Mitochondria are our cellular batteries – structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use. They power your cells to produce the energy that makes your heart beat, brain, liver and kidneys function and your muscles perform.

MiNDFOOD- Mighty Mitochondria

Like our skin, mitochondria undergo oxidative damage with age, stress and pollution, and when they are damaged they are unable to produce as much energy, which is why we often feel fatigued and why taking proper care of and feeding your mitochondria is important. That’s easier said than done, you might say. Well, not any more thanks to breakthrough oral supplement MitoQ. Up until recently no-one had been able to get an antioxidant into the mitochondria but thanks to research by the University of Otago, now we can.

Biochemists manufactured targeted antioxidant MitoQ by adding a molecule to ubiquione (also known as coenzyme Q10), a naturally occurring antioxidant. The additional molecule makes the ubiquione become concentrated in mitochondria.

CoQ10 antioxidants are notoriously difficult for the body to absorb but that’s where MitoQ steps in. MitoQ can accumulate inside mitochondria   hundreds of  times more effectively than other antioxidants, supporting their natural function and restoring their health. It also helps  reduce the number of  free radicals, which in turn reduces  oxidative damage to help keep your skin and organs healthy.

MitoQ 5mgMitoQ CEO Greg MacPherson says, “What is neat about MitoQ is we basically flood the mitochondria and we act as a reservoir of antioxidants, so from a cell perspective we are mimicking the longevity mode inside a cell – there are less free radicals leaking from the mitochondria and when that happens there’s less damage happening in the cell.”

Since launching oral supplement MitoQ, and its topical serum (which energizes and rejuvenates skin cells), MitoQ has reached more than 10,000 people, many of whom have freely offered testimonials that back up the research (see “There are 180 published papers about MitoQ and that’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of the research that has been done,” says MacPherson.

MitoQ is available at leading pharmacies in New Zealand and online at Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

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