MitoQ Eye Cream Review

We were lucky enough to be reviewed by Jan-Marie from on our Advanced Skincare product MitoQ Eye Cream. See her experience below.....

MitoQ Eye Cream

"An Eye Cream That Really Delivers"

I am 64 years old, (almost 65 -- I just got my Medicare card!) and frankly, in the past, an eye cream junky.  I have good skin – strong, healthy and non-reactive except for fragrances.  They invariably make my eyes sting and eyes and nose run.  Ick.  On Marta’s recommendation I was able to find a lovely eye cream (by E’shee) a couple years ago that felt deeply moisturizing, did not offend my eyes or nose, and had sound science behind the ingredients.  I do feel that it has slowed down the aging process around my eyes and I had no interest in trying anything different unless it was really special.

Then along came MitoQ Eye Cream.  I had been reading about an exciting ingredient in it called Beautifye made by Sederma.   Sederma’s website contains all of the data that Marta shares in her review about a clinical study and closes with “…Beautifeye, in only seven days, was able to positively influence the way volunteers [in the study] perceive the features of their face.  In the blink of an eye, Beautifeye rejuvenates the eyes.”  Only seven days!  I was hooked.  When the offer came to try MitoQ Eye Cream I jumped at it – not only would it have the above mentioned Beautifeye, it had all of the powerful properties of MitoQ serums that target and strengthen the mitochondria.


Mito Q Pros and Cons

It is a lightweight serum that spreads easily and is absorbed rapidly.  No fragrance and no irritation to my eyes.  There is a plunger that you depress so that it comes out onto a flat disk that is supposed to make it easier to apply – not for me!  Love the plunger, it is very easy to control if you want to use less of the product, but found the disk to be awkward.  I would rather use my ring fingers to apply the serum.  A single press on the plunger dispenses a very generous amount, enough for both eyes and around your lips if you like.  I have always applied my eye creams around my lips and am happy to report that it didn’t cause any irritation there either.

I didn’t honestly expect to see a difference in 7 days but did hope to see “something” in a month.  WELL, by day 7 I had gone further off label and started patting some on my “dimples” (I use quotes because I think that they aren’t really dimples if they show up post menopause…) and since day 14 I have been quickly smoothing any excess on my throat!  For the past decade I have been experiencing all the usual suspects around my eyes – laxity of skin found in droopy upper eyes, crow’s feet, crinkles and puffiness below.  The area below my eyes and out to the temples started looking more resilient within the first week and my upper lids a couple weeks after.  Like Marta, I find myself doing a gentle tap test.  The skin not only feels thicker, it reflects light differently.  It has a glow only found in firm skin.  Also, under eye puffiness is gone.  The crow’s feet appear the same.  Even using a generous amount twice daily I have half the tube left.  This tube could easily last 6 months if only used around the eyes.  It layered perfectly with no “pilling” under sunscreen or makeup.

I am so happy to have discovered MitoQ Eye Cream and recommend it completely.

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