MitoQ Announced Product Of The Year For 2015, By Truth In Aging!

MitoQ is proud to announce MitoQ Serum and Supplements have been selected as Product of the Year for 2015, by ‘Truth In Aging’, an independent US product review site, for the second year running! Read Truth In Aging's great 'Product of the Year' article from below!

Best of 2015: Product of the Year

Tis the season for the annual Truth In Aging best of the best awards. We awarded the title of "Best of 2015" to anti-aging skin care products in the categories of Eye Serum or Cream, Marta's Pick, Most Innovative Formula, Product Under $100, New Product Launch, Body Treatment, Hair Product, Readers' Pick and Product of the Year.

We announced the "Best of 2015" for products that have been lovingly formulated with heavy-hitting active ingredients or innovative approaches that truly deliver on their bold anti-aging claims. They are already winners with me and the Truth In Aging community.

To conclude our awards season…. Drum roll….. Here’s the winner for Product(s) of the Year:

MitoQ Serum is Truth In Aging’s Product of the Year for the second year running, sharing the accolade with MitoQ Supplements. How come? Well, quite simply, MitoQ works. And secondly, get this, MitoQ has been chosen by the US government’s National Institute of Aging as part of a major research project on anti-aging.  I am proud that the Truth In Aging community spotted it before those boffins in Washington.

Seriously, way to go MitoQ! The National Institute of Aging is part of the US National Institute of Health. It’s Interventions Testing Program (ITP) is an internationally renowned anti-aging testing program funded by the US Government. Results will be revealed in 2020.

MitoQ is an antioxidant formula able to penetrate mitochondria to deliver antioxidants in meaningful levels. Mitochondria are our 'cellular batteries' and are present in almost every cell in the body. Scientists increasingly believe that a decline in mitochondria function is connected to aging. According to MitoQ, flooding the mitochondria with antioxidants improves the level of energy available to a cell and reduces free radical-associated cell damage.

MitoQ Serum and MitoQ Supplements are based on mitoquinone mesylate, which is in fact ubiquinone, the active antioxidant in Coenzyme Q10. It is accumulated selectively and extensively by mitochondria, in contrast to other antioxidants, which distribute evenly throughout the cell. By being so targeted, the result is a turbo-charged antioxidant that powers the MitoQ Serum and Supplements as the joint winners of Truth In Aging’s 2015 Product of the Year.

Congratulations MitoQ.


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