MitoQ Night Cream Review

The team at Truth in Aging gave our MitoQ Night Cream a thorough test and the results are in! Read the full review below:

I was very excited to be testing the MitoQ Night Cream.  I have been using the MitoQ (original) serum for a while and have been extremely happy with it. When I received this sample to test I decided that I would test it as a stand-alone product without layering any additional products along with it.  I wanted to see what it could do on its own and as it happened, I had just run out of my MitoQ serum so the timing was right.  While I didn’t use the serum with it I did continued to use my beloved YBF Correct eye serum daily and every other day or so would include either Deciem NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst or Dr. Dennis Gross Neck Emulsion. It was difficult being a total purist…and probably not a great idea as I am quickly approaching 70.

Our take: A good solid product that plumps and brightens the skin

The product formula is impressive. The peptide Matrixyl Synthe’6 is purported to  smooth the appearance of wrinkles, the hyaluronic acid, plumps and hydrates the skin and phytosterols which promote collagen production.

MitoQ Skincare Pros & Cons

When I first starting using the product I felt it was a bit thick. The directions were to pat it on the skin with fingertips which I did but in order to spread it evenly on the skin I did have to feather the product with my fingertips over my face. This worked perfectly for me.

During the first week of use I noticed very little change in my skin. But during the second week I began to see some subtle changes. My skin appeared to be a bit more plump and brighter and my pores appeared to have diminished a bit and those improvements continued and now I can definitely see the improvements and they no longer just “appear to have” they actually have improved.  I did see some very subtle improvements in wrinkle reduction but nothing major and no improvement around the stubborn lip area and in reducing dark/sun spots.

Overall, I grew to really like this product especially during the fall/winter season when my skin is drier. This is a good solid product and I will continue to use it but now that the testing period is over I will be adding the MitoQ serum which I think will give it an added boost.

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