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Lorraine Downes Shares Wellness and Beauty Tips

How the former Miss Universe switches up her wellness routine during the balmy summer months.
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“Don’t beat yourself up about indulging, it’s called having a life.” - Gunnar Peterson, celebrity personal trainer and LA Lakers strength and endurance 
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MitoQ as seen on Pop Sugar

If you want to crush your fitness goals you need to "start slow" and "build up to it" to accomplish your goals. POPSUGAR spoke to Gunnar Peterson, NSCA, CSCS, and MitoQ ambassador about how to get more about of your workouts. 
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MitoQ as seen in the Los Angeles Times

Gunnar Peterson is widely recognized in the fitness industry as a celebrity personal trainer and director of strength and endurance for the LA Lakers. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Gunnar is known for his expertise in functional...
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MitoQ as seen on Hollywood Life

Busy, successful, high-profile people do not get there by accident: they consistently work hard on their well-being and make smart decisions every day about how to look and feel at their best.  Many of them turn to Gunnar Peterson - a highly...
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Chris D. Meletis N.D. is Inducted into NUNM Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Dr Chris D. Meletis for being inducted into the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) Hall of Fame. Dr Metetis has been a long-time supporter of MitoQ and is one of our many ambassadors in the health professional...
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Lorraine Downes featured in Verve Magazine December

MitoQ Ambassador Lorraine Downes is in the December issue of Verve Magazine talking about her life and the role MitoQ has played in it for her.
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