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MitoQ Features In Kia Ora Magazine

We are honored to be featured in the latest edition of Air New Zealand's in-flight magazine Kia Ora. 
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MitoQ As Seen In: NZ Good Health April 2019

MitoQ Skin Support Complex: One of the earliest on the market, MitoQ was a world first for creating a supplement that combined their hero ingredient - conenzyme Q10 - along with a formulation that includes Orzya rice ceramides, marine collagen,...
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MitoQ as featured on Radio New Zealand

Professor Mike Murphy is one of the world leading scientists in Mitochondrial research. He's also one of the co-inventors of MitoQ and is currently the programme leader of the Mitochondria Biology Unit at the University of Cambridge.
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MitoQ as seen on Hollywood Life

Busy, successful, high-profile people do not get there by accident: they consistently work hard on their well-being and make smart decisions every day about how to look and feel at their best.  Many of them turn to Gunnar Peterson - a highly...
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MitoQ as seen in New Zealand Herald - Health Central

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MitoQ featured in Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine

Our Advanced Skincare range was recently featured in Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. Their glowing review of our products talked about the significant impact the products could have in the anti-aging and health and well-being markets.
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Molly Sim's Tips to Age Gracefully

"Remember when being in your forties seemed old? Well, surprise! It happened sooner than I thought. Instead of dealing with the hormonal acne that plagued my twenties, I’m dealing with a whole new set of skin related issues. Wrinkles and melasma, to...
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MitoQ As Seen on: Yahoo

MitoQ as seen on Yahoo Lifestyle Beauty: The beauty and skin care industries were rattled when Allure magazine released its September edition, declaring its ban on the term “anti-aging.” As a response to their own frustration with the term, the...
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MitoQ as seen in New Zealand Doctor December issue

New type of antioxidant improves cell function. MitoQ is a patented mitochondria-targeted antioxidant that was discovered right here in New Zealand. Ten years ago, the MitoQ compound was invented at the University of Otago by the head of...
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MitoQ as seen in AZ sports and lifestyle November issue

MitoQ is a targeted antioxidant dietary supplement that replenishes the CoQ10 antioxidant levels in the mitochondria, and in doing so assists the cell with repair and regular function.
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