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Say good riddance to dull skin and good morning to vitality with a healthy, replenished face. Pamela McIntosh from New Zealand Weddings looks at how serums and creams work differently to make your skin look and feel radiant.

Consistently busy lifestyles (including a seemingly endless list of wedding planning tasks) makes each day seem to vanish in a flash. So when it comes to skincare, why not take advantage of bedtime to invest in your beauty regime?

“The modern non-stop lifestyle and the fatigue we experience from constantly being ‘on’ can take a toll on our skin’s appearance and function,” says Catherine O’Keefe of MitoQ Skin Science. She emphasizes that there is a big difference between day skincare products and their nighttime counterparts. “Day creams help to hydrate, protect and energize, whereas night products can repair and redensify the skin while thoroughly moisturizing,” she explains.

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So it makes sense that there’s no better time than the end of your day to invest ten minutes on a good skin regime. The most crucial step? Pre-cleansing to take off any makeup and grime. Follow up with a second cleanse (and throw in twice weekly exfoliations) to purify your skin and to ready it for some goodness. When it comes to nourishment and treatment, products can be presented in many and various forms: cream, spray, serum, oil... The system and sequence you choose will be purely personal – and ahead of your wedding day, it’s best to get an individual skin consultation.

“The function of a serum is to be a ‘hit’ for clean skin; the active ingredients will get in there and work quickly on deeper issues like pigmentation,” says Catherine.

A night cream forms a thicker barrier, aids skin plumpness and adds protection. Well-considered cosmetics. can be wonderful for balancing your skin texture and tone, and eliminating imperfections. But for ultimate radiance, you need to come to the party too. Sip water throughout the day and eat a balanced diet that includes essential fatty acids (EFAs). “EFAs are comprised of omega 3, 6 and 9 and are an important ingredient for radiant skin,” says Good Health naturopath Sharlene Bennett. “They help hair, skin and nail health.” With regards to sleep, aim for seven to nine hours each night and eliminate technology an hour before shut-eye.

This article was originally published in New Zealand Weddings Spring 2017.

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