A Wave of Renewed Energy Went Through Me and Stayed.

Susan, USA

I am about to complete 6 months of MitoQ and start the 7th. After about the first 10 days to 2 weeks I was waiting in a line.

 "It was almost as if a wave of renewed energy went through me and stayed."

MitoQ Story SusanI have mitochondrial dysfunction which can sometimes make me quite unwell. As I continued to take MitoQ I find greater endurance, an ability to hold myself up straight longer and not tripping as much. I am sleeping better at night. And the biggest bonus is I can do things without having to scan for the closest bathroom. Instead of bladder accidents being the norm and constant it has become the rarity. I have noticed a change in my skin also with my hands and face losing aging spots and some of the sun damage.

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