All the radiation spots are gone

Penny, New Zealand

I have been using MitoQ serum for a while now. I had computer radiation spots on my face due to my working environment, which requires me to sit in front of the computer for most of the working day. Amazingly, after 2 weeks of using MitoQ serum, all the radiation spots are gone.

MitoQ Story Penny
like the texture of the serum as it very silky and creamy. By the time you apply the serum to your face, you can actually feel it making your skin softer, finer and smoother immediately. Also it is not oily at all, so it gets absorbed by your skin immediately.

"Moreover, I take MitoQ supplements as well, because I’ve noticed that my appearance has benefited from this product."

I have to say, I was very delicate when I was young. My metabolism was slow, if I missed a meal, I would feel dizzy. I couldn’t participate in sports much so most of the time I was taking it easy. Since I have been taking MitoQ, overall I feel I have more energy to cope with my day.

I feel so good now. I also recommend MitoQ + Curcumin to my friends as it supports brain function. I love MitoQ.

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