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Can't Even Explain The Change, Except To WOW!

Diana A MitoQ story
Diana A.

Hi, my name is Diana Austin. I'm excited to share with others what the MitoQ supplement and skin care have done for me. I would be robbing others if I kept this to myself.

I experienced a major event at 47 while in excellent condition, teaching spinning and kickboxing, along with creating my own boot camps to challenge gym goers and get the in the best shape of their lives. It was a blow to the community when they discovered this had happened to me. I heard from so many women " If this happened to you, what hope is there for me?”. I felt responsible to prove to everyone that exercising is beneficial. The only way I was going to be able to do this was to encourage my brain to build new neuropathways and do it as fast as possible.

I was unable to speak one word when I woke up that first morning. Not one single word. I couldn't read, I sat down to the computer out of habit and just looked at it. I couldn't remember how to turn it on, let alone operate it.

And then as I had begun to be able to do more and more, but I have to tell you, it was a very slow process. I still couldn't count change in the grocery store and reading emails was torture for someone who had always been so quick. But I did read this one email and what I could get out of it, was that a new company had figured out how to get Coq10 past the blood-brain barrier by adding on, I believe it was a positive charge.

I had known for sometime that all the money people spend on Coq10 in the health food stores was basically a waste because there was no way to access the mitochondria. And that's exactly what MitoQ was doing.

I immediately ordered a bottle.

"I can't even explain the change, except to WOW! I could see that everyday my brain had what it needed all along and it was like it was saying "Thank You"!"

Now watch the neuropathways begin to increase, minute by minute.

I went back to my doctor that treated me originally for my four month checkup. He also had a senior neuro-practitioner in the room with him. This gentleman, in hearing me speak, said to my doctor, "Are you certain that ever happened to her?”. My doctor showed him the x-rays and he had to admit, it was true. He wanted to know how I had recuperated so quickly. I'm sure you know what I told him; MitoQ baby and that's it. (I didn't really call him baby)

As you can see in my pictures, I finally have a nice complexion. Oh my word, you have to try the MitoQ skin care line. I had used it for one month when I took these pictures. I have never had a face lotion feel like this when I first applied it. It feels like heaven and I didn't feel like I had to put more moisture on my face afterwards, it felt like a complete skin care line all by itself. Any woman who tries this, is going to be hooked for life.

I am a complete and total fan of the MitoQ supplement and skin care lines.

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