MitoQ® helped me with my health goal

Karen has been living with a neurological condition for years and it has been difficult until she found MitoQ. MitoQ increases her energy levels and supports her overall health. Watch what Karen has to say about her experience with MitoQ. Interview recorded July 2015.

MitoQ Story Karen VHow far can MitoQ take me?

I was diagnosed with a neurological condition 15yrs ago. I have tried many different treatments, both prescribed by doctors & alternative.

"I started taking MitoQ about 6 weeks ago & have noticed some definite improvement in co-ordination, tiredness & movement."

I have felt encouraged by changes so far & will continue to take the MitoQ & see how it further it may take me.

***UPDATE*** This is an update to my first post. I've just finished the 3 bottle supply & have ordered more. Over the last few months I have found I am able to stretch my right arm out to it's fullest & can raise my arm above my head - simple things I have not been able to do for quite awhile. In the last 2 weeks I have found I can lift my foot at the ankle, voluntarily flex my foot & spread my toes.

It is not back to normal usage but it has been many many years since I have been able to do these simple functions. The only difference is taking MitoQ capsules. I feel better than I have for quite a few years.

Karen V., Australia

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