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I Have A Brighter Outlook

Anna-Marie-K MitoQ Story
Anna-Marie K.
New Zealand

I started taking MitoQ Liver after reading a lot of research around this product specifically. I had previously taken a CoQ10 product but MitoQ (mitoquinone) is far different. The effects of MitoQ very slowly creep up - this is why they recommend you take a full 90 day supply before deciding if it’s for you or not. I didn’t feel an immediate boost but I can tell you that I now 100% feel when I haven’t taken it.    

"I incorporated MitoQ into my daily regime and suddenly I realise I’m waking up before my alarm, feeling rested and bright. I can fall asleep faster. I’m able to return to the gym and  I have a brighter outlook - anxiety that I’d never had until I became hypothyroid has lifted.  People are commenting about how bright my eyes and skin look."

I also purchased a 90 day supply for my dad as a gift (heart version). He too really noticed the effects when he ran out (taking around 8 days to connect the dots!). As a shift worker, it enables him to feel better rested in-spite of his circadian rhythm being so affected. I was very concerned at him taking the Dr. prescribed medication as I know statins are famous for depleting the body of nutrients, but most notably coenzyme Q10 which can cause muscle aches and other horrible side effects.

I was concerned that the Dr. never even mentioned supplementing given there is clear research about this. CoQ10 is required for the conversion of carbohydrates to ATP, the body’s energy currency in our mitochondria.  Without enough of this, essentially our cellular powerhouse becomes deficient. It’s like expecting your car to run without spark plugs.

I would recommend this product every time. It’s not cheap. But if you’re buying a cup of coffee a day to get through, drop it and try this. It will honestly change your life and coffee will become a thing of the past.

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