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I'll Never Run Out Again!

Marion-D MitoQ Story
Marion D.
New Zealand

I buy MitoQ supplements for me and my partner. We have been using them for some time now but over Christmas we ran out. Goodness did we notice the difference. 

For me personally, I noticed a decrease in energy and some odd aches & pains that I have never had before - now I know what people my age (and younger) mean when they talk about things starting to ache.

"Thank goodness for MitoQ"

But for my partner the difference was really dramatic - he has suffered from low moods for some time but he hates taking anything because of the side effects. Running out of the tablets was a disaster - he started feeling really down again! I was shocked and of course got him back on the supplement as soon as possible. Thank goodness for MitoQ. I'll never run out again.

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