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I'm A Shift Worker And Need All The Help I Can Get

David-Dodd MitoQ story
David D.

I discovered MitoQ in an article on the Science Daily website several years ago and in my subsequent research on it was surprised to find I could actually purchase some for my own use. After reading about the amazing results coming out of universities around the world that were testing this product I decided I should try it out. I'm a shift worker and need all the help I can get. 

I'd been using MitoQ for almost 3 years at a dosage of 10 mgs/day when I ran out. Because I'm rather cheap I thought I'd wait for a sale before I ordered any more and it would give me a good opportunity to see if I'd notice any differences in my health without the supplement. At first I didn't notice any changes in my overall feeling of well-being but after about 2 months I began to realize I was experiencing an subtle decline in my quality of life; notably the changes I was beginning to experience involved a gain in weight, my memory didn't seem as sharp, energy levels were declining and worst of all my vision (near and far) was noticeably starting to get blurry (maybe blurrier is a better description). It was the change in my visual acuity that was too much for me so I sucked it up and ordered some more MitoQ.

"I've been back on MitoQ for about 4 months now and am happy to say my weight, memory, energy levels and eyesight all seem to be back to what they were when I ran out of MitoQ. It really did make a difference".

I know its easy for me to complain about the price of MitoQ but when I think about the people I know who smoke cigarettes I realize that I'm paying the price I do for MitoQ to support my health while they are willing to pay up to 6 times as much to ruin their health, kinda puts things into perspective for me. That being said I also think that a lower price would allow MitoQ to reach a lot of lower income people who could really benefit from it.

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