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I’m So Very Thankful

Adrienne W MitoQ Story
Adrienne W.
New Zealand

I saw MitoQ when it popped up in my FB newsfeed and remembered that I’d read about MitoQ when it first appeared and was published in “The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine” which I read several years ago.

Remembering about MitoQ as I’d hoped someday to try Taking it, I immediately researched where and how I could obtain some.

I sourced it at a pharmacy in the New Zealand town where I live and I’m so very thankful for having done so.

I am taking two capsules in the morning. My health continues to improve, my emotions, skin (as this is what has been affected as an outward sign),energy levels, sense of well-being, I’m not tired all of the time any more and my ability to perform well at work (nursing) has improved.

My energy levels are such that I can now manage an exercise routine again; I like to walk/run mix, yoga, stretches and weights. I am 63 years of age and good health has always been important to me.

"I could not be more thankful for all that it has done for my life."

Thankyou I appreciate very much this addition to my life.

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