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I’m Sold On Their Effectiveness

Alma R.

I was advised to take CoQ10 from my GP. I took it for awhile, then switched to MitoQ after I read an article on the ABC news website about the New Zealand innovation called MitoQ. That it worked on your DNA and was the latest development of this product. I ordered it and told my doctor that I was taking it. I also decided to take MitoQ liver Recently I ordered MitoQ eye products. I'm sold on their effectiveness. Yes, they are not cheap as off the counter health, but they work, and best of all I feel safe using locally developed products. Even my local GP recently suggested I go back on MitoQ liver.

I am very healthy and happy, considering I'm 82 years old.

I live alone, do my own gardening and shopping, and when the weather allows, I walk 5 kilometres.

Thank you MitoQ staff!

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