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MitoQ Has Given Me Hope

Krista-B MitoQ story
Krista B.

My name is Krista. I am 42 years old. I really lost my energy and my ability to walk well and need assistive devices for help. I’ve noticed a steep decline in the past two years of my health. It's very sad for me because I used to be super active, run 5Ks and my favorite activity of all: surfing.

More disturbing to me was my decline in mental clarity, Focus and overall mental functioning. I would have trouble finding the right words, solving simple math problems and reading. Physical problems I experienced were nothing compared to the mental problems. I could handle physical limitations, but mental ones were very depressing. Losing one's mental clarity is a nightmare.

I decided to try MitoQ because I knew that supporting the efficiency of my mitochondria would benefit me physically. I knew that MitoQ would support my mitochondria to work normally.

I wasn't really prepared for the change. I expected maybe some reduction in the numbness in my limbs or ease of walking. I actually found something quite surprising.

"Within about two months time my mental functioning and processing speed were normal. Also I'm pretty physically disabled. I'm not in a wheelchair but I have a great deal of difficulty moving around and even standing up from a chair. I was able to do a regimen of squats daily to build my leg strength. I would not have had the energy to be able to do this before"

MitoQ has given me hope. I returned to school as a graduate student which is amazing to me because a few months ago I wouldn't have had the confidence in my mental clarity to undertake such a goal. I absolutely love that MitoQ has supported my mental clarity and some physical stamina to continue.

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