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Jo-B MitoQ Story
Jo B.

I have had to use a wheelchair for the last few years and a hoist for all my transfers for the last few months. I am going to copy here my latest post to my online group which has members world-wide.

"My carers have been amazed by the increase in my strength which has been easy to see during my daily exercise program"

Mentally, my increased capacity was evidenced last week when I had a meeting with my case manager. In the past I would have had to let DH take over after about 10 minutes when my speech and brain would have given up. I was able to take part for the whole hour, talk intelligibly and intelligently and even ask relevant questions. I amazed myself. It felt so.......normal.

As you can see from that I am very happy to have tried MitoQ but just wish it was more affordable as I know many people who would try it if they could afford it.

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