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MitoQ Is My "Vitality In A Bottle"

Cherry-W MitoQ Story
Cherry W.

I read about this amazing new supplement and it seemed the answer to my prayers, I had reached 47 and hated the tiny creaks and twinges that people typically accept as part of getting older.

MitoQ seemed too good to be true but the feeling that my brain would no longer 'go around corners' was frustrating when I'm used to being alert and quick on the uptake. I felt like I was always operating in 2nd gear.

"Within the first few days my niggles had gone, the twinges disappeared, and more often than not now it is easier to call something to mind than grasp in the fog that was my becoming a rubbish memory. I feel like I'm functioning at normal revs again"

I was thinking I had to become used to becoming an older lady, but now I don’t. Someone told me today that I look the same as when he last saw me 10 years ago. Yes - I keep in shape but I feel the extra vitality is back, in fact that's it - Mitoq is my “vitality in a bottle”. I shall take it now for ever, after nearly a month I would not be without it.

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