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Mary A MitoQ Story
Mary A.
New Zealand

I have always been a fan of good quality skin care products, but haven’t always used a sunscreen as part of my daily skin care regime. By the age of 60, the cumulative effect of years of weekends and holidays in the sun (age spots, fine lines, deeper lines) were well-established on my face and hands. When the opportunity arose to try MitoQ, I jumped at the chance knowing that it had been developed by research scientists in a world-class lab in New Zealand.

For the past four months, I have been applying MitoQ twice daily beneath my usual moisturiser. MitoQ has a beautiful consistency and is very easily absorbed into the skin. It does not interfere with the use of other skin care and makeup products; if anything, they glide on more easily.

I have had no adverse reactions to the product whatsoever. The pump bottle MitoQ comes in keeps the serum fresh, and makes it easy to regulate the amount used. It lasts for ages.

"I did not expect immediate changes, but my skin looked more hydrated and slightly less lined after using MitoQ for only a day or two. Other changes occurred slowly over the next few months - my age spots lightened, areas of redness lessened, and my skin became firmer and smoother"

Overall, my skin tone is more even, supple, and less lined than it was, and now looks okay even without foundation. I have tried many different products before, but never anything as effective as MitoQ.

Disclaimer: MitoQ supplement testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary.

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