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Personally, I’ve Become A Believer

Eyal-Kaplan MitoQ Story
Eyal K.

I’m healthy. My blood tests have been fine for years, and so are my cardiovascular tests. I trail-run, I walk a good number of miles a day. (Those Siberian Huskies were born to keep you honest!). I’m also interested in wellness, medicine, and read a lot of both popular and more scientific pieces. I’ve known about co-Q10 for years and have taken it occasionally. Then, a few months ago, I ran into a piece about a University of Colorado, Boulder study showing that the blood vessels of people who took MitoQ seemed to go back in age. Curious, I went to the company’s website and read a bunch of other scientific publications, and decided to give it a try - mostly as a preventative measure. My resting heart rate is great, my heart rate recovery is excellent - but hey, why not try?

"Now, the one thing I have experienced a lot for some years now is muscle ache approximately 24 hours after a strenuous workout or run. Have had it for years, read about it a lot - “blame it on lactic acid.” And this is where it got interesting: within about 5 weeks of taking MitoQ daily - those post-workout muscle aches have subsided almost entirely!"

Not sure exactly why, although as a non-scientist I can speculate. As a side benefit - where’s before after a long, hard trail-run or hike I HAD TO sleep for a couple hours - I no longer feel that strong urge. Not that I stopped liking afternoon naps!

So, I’m still waiting of the physicians and scientist to tell me whether these are just a coincidence, or whether MitoQ has done that for me. Personally, I’ve become a believer.

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