So it's a no brainer really

Trish M., New Zealand

With a post grad. in clinical nutrition my interest was stirred when I saw a TV documentary followed by a newspaper article launching MitoQ in 2012. 

MitoQ Story Trish M.Knowing how mitochondria work and how difficult it can be to target I researched a bit more about MitoQ before making my first purchase of the moisturising serum back in December 2012. At 50 with acne rosacea and sun damage I was interested to see how effective this product would be. I have to be so careful what I put on my skin but this immediately felt soothing. It was very light and easily absorbed and left my skin feeling fresh and soft.

"I quickly found a little goes a long way and after a few weeks I noticed an improvement in texture, less redness and my dry skin damaged areas felt smoother and looked lighter and less dry. "

Disclaimer: MitoQ supplement testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary.

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