The additional benefits of MitoQ Liver gave me peace of mind

Marita, New Zealand

I am a 47 year old registered nurse and mother of 3. I am very active and love running and exercising - unfortunately my energy levels started dropping a few years ago. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, I have always tried to stay up to date with the latest research on supplements.

MitoQ Story MaritaI have always been aware of the importance of supplementing with Co-enzyme Q10, so I was excited when I first learnt of MitoQ and was very impressed with what I read about this new product. Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I ordered my first bottle in 2014. I definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels.

I have subsequently started using MitoQ Liver and I alternate that with MitoQ Blood Sugar. Unfortunately, due to a previous health issue my liver was affected so I have to be careful with what I eat and drink.

"The additional benefits of MitoQ Liver give me peace of mind and my liver enzymes are within normal range."

I have recommend MitoQ to many people and have been taking it since 2014. My husband and elderly parents also take MitoQ on a daily basis - we all love this great product.

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