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The Irreplaceable Help Of MitoQ

Brett-Peto MitoQ Story
Brett P.

I had never thought my mitochondria would need extra help, at least not until I was in my sixties or seventies. But, just before turning 21, I could no longer ride my bike, no longer walk more than 5,000 steps a day when I had been able to walk 20,000 and then some, and I moved carefully all the time, monitoring each movement, like I was a porcelain doll that would break at the slightest excuse.

I began taking MitoQ on the strong recommendation of another.

I can exercise again. I can't walk 20,000 steps without paying for it the next day quite yet, but I can walk 15,000 and I'm only getting better. I'm looking forward to riding my bike when the weather warms up. Most of all, I don't have to watch my movements so carefully anymore.

"I can move freely, and to me, that is the most valuable gift you can ever receive."

So many of us - myself included - take our physical abilities, the simple act of motion, as granted. I may have learned they aren't so permanent as we like to think, but I've also learned they can be recovered, with the irreplaceable help of MitoQ.

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