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This New Supplement Is Like The Rolls Royce

Karen-C MitoQ Story
Karen C.
New Zealand

I recently finished my first month's supply of MitoQ. I took a Q10 supplement many years ago when I was out dancing til the wee small hours nearly every night of the week and gyming 2 hours a day and it gave a lot of energy and I never suffered the fatigue I surely would have without it.

However, taking this new supplement is like the Rolls Royce of its predecessors! Although I am generally a good sleeper - whilst taking the supplement, I slept right through without the usual intermittent waking.

"I found my thinking to be somehow clearer and more focused"

irrespective of the fact that it was the "silly season" and much rich food, alcohol and late nights (not to mention the stress of the Christmas build up) were the order of the day.

I have taken vitamin supplements for most of my adult life and wish this had been developed 20 years ago!! It is that good! It would be a great supplement for students taking exams!

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