Where did my mind go?

I started using MitoQ after a condition began effecting my ability to think and remember. I was in graduate school and this was devastating. The price was high, so I was on the fence. But then the research came out showing helped a similar condition in mice.

"So, I bought a bottle and started taking it and it literally made the difference between being able to work and recover and having to go on disability. "

MitoQ Story Elizabeth S.I now have my PhD and am working in my field of geomicrobiology with a brain that actually functions. I am not sure that the makers of MitoQ want me to say this next part but I find it to be a selling point. I took this supplement for about a year. At some point, I found that it was no longer necessary and I maintained the desired function without the supplementation, although I have friends that still take it religiously. I like a supplement that does it's job and then is no longer needed. I still keep a bottle around in case and recommend it for anyone who has ever wondered "where did my mind go?”.

Elizabeth S., USA

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