Brain warm-up exercises for mental clarity

Like any part of your body, your brain benefits from getting a chance to “warm-up” before getting to more strenuous work. Here’s how to do it!

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The mind is something that we can all take for granted sometimes. The brain is what allows us to function, breathe, think, and be ourselves, and it does all of this without us needing to even think about it. While it can be easy to expect your mind to just do it all, just like a warm-up before a race, the mind can benefit from being eased into working instead of jumping right into it.

When your mind is properly taken care of and you ease it into tasks, it can be substantially easier to get the absolute most out of your attention and cognitive abilities. All too often the mind can be clouded, which can be detrimental to your decision-making, presentness, and ability to utilize your mind to its greatest abilities.

Below is a look at some exercises and actions you can take to help promote mental clarity.

Mental exercises

Use it or lose it is a common trope that is frequently applied to building muscle mass. For those that work out on a regular basis, they need to continuously workout to maintain the same physique and if they were to stop going to the gym they’d be likely to notice that their muscles slowly decrease in size.

The diminishing of function is referred to as atrophy and it applies to many systems within the body and is colloquially referred to as the use-it-or-lose-it phenomenon.

This same concept applies to the brain and to maintain cognitive acuity and clarity it is important to ensure you are putting your mind to good use on a consistent basis. This concept is of particular importance as you get older and approach retirement. Many people have mentally engaging and challenging careers that engage the mind consistently.

In the case of retirees, these forced instances of mental engagement go away and it is up to the individual to find mentally engaging activities. These activities can lead to a more fulfilled life in addition to having the potential to ward off neurodegenerative disorders.

Below is a closer look at some mental exercises that have the potential to support a healthy mind and more clarity.


Puzzles may remind you of childhood, but there is a reason that many kids find puzzle games enjoyable. When you are young your mind is constantly taking new experiences and learning from them. Oftentimes, puzzles are a child’s first introduction to problem-solving, and they’re enjoyable because of the satisfaction brought on by figuring out how a problem is solved.

As an adult, you are unlikely to get enjoyment out of a 20-piece puzzle that a child would have, but when you challenge yourself to the task of a 1000+ piece puzzle you begin to challenge yourself not only in problem-solving but also with mental endurance.

Each piece you pick up requires you to analyze, imagine, and determine where it needs to go. While doing a puzzle is typically seen as a leisurely activity, in reality, it is a great mental workout that works the visual, conceptual, and problem-solving parts of the brain.


While disuse can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing, so can overuse. In today’s world, more and more people are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about all the things in life. Focusing too much on the past or present can place people in a negative headspace and can keep them from enjoying the things going on around them.

Meditation can be thought of as a forced mental break where you sit down with yourself and try to change your perspective to the present moment. This can be accomplished by closing your eyes and focusing on things happening in the present. Focusing on the breath, the sounds around you, or even your sensations can all force your brain to stop and notice the present moment.

These exercises can allow you to gain mental clarity when it is clouded by busyness. Sometimes all you need is to stop, slow down, and appreciate the current moment. With the many benefits of meditation, it is certainly worth a try.

Exercises that promote mental clarity

Mental health is often seen as a distinct entity from physical health, but in reality, the two are actually closely intertwined. Physical exercise can be an effective means of promoting a good overall mental wellbeing in addition to being good for your overall health.

Below are a few examples of some exercises that can help your mental wellbeing and have the potential to help gain more mental clarity.


Yoga is a form of physical exercise that owes its origins to India thousands of years ago. Today there are a number of different types of yoga that differ from the original teachings including ariel yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, and much more. With yoga, there is a ton of variability which allows nearly anyone to enjoy yoga at their own pace and within their physical limits.

Yoga is a great exercise for your mental wellbeing and overall mental clarity because it focuses on being aware of your form, body positioning, and breathing. Yoga and meditation have a lot of parallels, and yoga adds the additional benefits of physical exercise which secrete natural endorphins to provide you with a feel-good sensation.

Outdoor exercise

Outdoor exercise is another great way to get in your workout while also reaping the mental wellness benefits. Exercise is already linked to a reduction in stress, but when you bring it outdoors and connect with nature it can bring it to a whole new level. Being able to see the views, sun, water, and awe-inspiring sights of nature can have positive implications on many aspects of your mental well-being such as mood, energy level, and more.

Additional support

Both physical and mental warm-up exercises can help to facilitate mental clarity, but it is also important to ensure the brain is adequately supported at a physiological level to allow it to function at its best. Below is a closer look at some additional ways you can support your brain for optimal mental clarity.

Brain supplements

Brain supplements are supplements that aim to provide targeted support to the brain. As one of the most important organs in the body, the brain deserves to get as much support as it can get and brain supplements do just that.

MitoQ curcumin is a supplement tailor-made to help support normal cognitive function, mental clarity, mood balance, memory and overall brain health. MitoQ curcumin contains a blend of MitoQ (our hero ingredient that’s scientifically shown to support cell health) and Longvida® Curcumin (an ingredient that’s been shown to support cognition, memory and mood). Together, these ingredients have unique makeups that help to support your brain and, when combined in an easy to take supplement, can in the long run provide you with unmatched brain support.


Brain fog can occur at any time, but one of the largest contributing factors is tiredness. The human body requires quality sleep on a consistent basis, and when that doesn’t occur, your body can suffer from sleep deprivation and its associated symptoms including clouded judgment and cognitive impairment.

Getting a good night’s sleep is a great way to ensure your brain is receiving the support it needs.

Time to warm things up

While the brain may be always active, it isn’t necessarily an on-off switch when it comes to expecting the most out of it. Utilizing brain warm-up exercises in addition to brain support can enable you to get the most out of your brain and work to your greatest potential.

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