Healthy cells are foundational to a healthy body: here’s why

You can’t have a healthy person without healthy cells. Cells are responsible for the structure and functions within your body.

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There are trillions of cells in a human body – influencing every action, thought and emotion you have. These cells help your organs to function, carry oxygen throughout your body, defend your body against infection and help it to heal. Basically, to enjoy a healthy body – it’s crucial to have healthy cells.

We’re so passionate about cell health that we created a patented molecule that defends your body against cellular damage. But to understand how our molecule works, you need to first understand the foundational role that your cells play in your day-to-day health and wellbeing. So, we’ve put together this guide to get you started.

What is a human cell?

Human cells are what make up the structure of your body. Of the trillions within your body, experts estimate there are approximately 200 different types of cells – including neurons, skin cells and so much more. All of them work together to keep your body operating. To function at their best, your cells need energy - and they get this from your mitochondria – little bean-shaped organelles that live within most of your cells.

What does cell health mean?

Put simply, cell health means that your cells are being provided with plenty of energy to do their jobs – and that they aren’t being seriously damaged in the process. If your cells are healthy, you should notice a positive flow-on effect: your body will be producing the energy you need to be your best at work, at home, in your workouts and in all of the areas of life that are important to you. Likewise, if your cells aren’t healthy, you will probably also notice a flow-on effect. You might experience a lack of energy, immunity, sleep quality and physical recovery from exercise – or just a general feeling of diminished health and wellbeing.

Why is cellular health important?

You can’t have a healthy person without healthy cells. Cells are responsible for the structure and functions within your body: if they aren’t healthy, your body doesn’t have the support it needs to function at its best. Hundreds of studies have been carried out on the connection between cellular health and human health, and research has found that, by reducing cell stress, you can:

  • Support the health of your cardiovascular system
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Shorten recovery periods after intense physical training
  • Support mobility and physical function during the aging process
  • + so much more

Read the latest research on how MitoQ supports cell health

Human cardiovascular system

How do free radicals cause cell damage?

When your mitochondria produce energy for your cells to use, they also produce by-products called free radicals. If too many free radicals escape your mitochondria and reach your cells, they can cause cell stress: which essentially means your cells are under free radical attack. If too many cells are damaged during this attack, it can affect your energy, recovery and overall health.

How do you keep cells healthy?

Living a healthy lifestyle is the first step. But really, if you want to help protect your cells against free radical damage, your body needs to have plenty of antioxidant supplies within your cells – where more than 90% of cell stress begins. The problem here is that cellular antioxidants can naturally decline with age – and, as a result, so does the condition of your cells. While antioxidants aren’t difficult to find at any supermarket or health store, they typically struggle to get inside mitochondria – meaning they can’t effectively support your cells against free radical damage. MitoQ can get inside your mitochondria – it's scientifically proven to fight cell stress and support the health of your cells.

Watch the video below to learn more about taking care of your mitochondrial – and therefore cellular - health.



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