How to have great personal energy

At MitoQ we’re all about helping people to have great energy, but most people think that just relates to their physical energy. Did you know that you actually draw on three types of energy throughout your day?

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To get the most out of life – we need a constant, good balance of physical, emotional and mental energy. We refer to this triangle as your “personal energy”, and we think this is the secret to being able to live a full life.

You likely already know that when one of these three energies is low, your whole life feels off kilter, making even easy tasks seem hard.

Being able to maintain good personal energy helps you to get more out of life, juggling everything from family to work, social activities to exercise. The way you spend your energy (whether that’s physical, mental or emotional) can either fuel or deplete you, and it’s the connection between these three dimensions that can compromise your personal energy.

Physical energy

As the most recognizable type of energy, your physical energy is the way you feel in your physical body. Your body is working around the clock to keep you alive and without looking after it, it’s going to be tough to generate energy in other areas. From lack of sleep to nutrient deficiencies and poor training recovery, if you’re taxing your body on a physical level – it won’t have the resources to support your energy in other dimensions.

Mental energy

Whatever you focus on grows, and your mental energy is a testament to that. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and what you choose to focus on is what builds the foundations for your mental energy. Each time you feel consumed in a negative thought pattern, decision making or problem solving, you’re dipping into your mental energy stores.

Emotional energy

Emotional energy is all about the connection with yourself, and others. It’s fueled by building strong relationships and having a sense of purpose. It’s a lot easier to recognize physical exercise as a lofty energy transaction, in comparison with feeling a lack of purpose in your life. In reality, both can be deeply impacting your personal energy and the way you show up.

How do your cells impact your personal energy?

Having healthy cells helps you conserve your personal energy by supporting your body’s foundations. You are almost entirely made up of cells, so when it comes to keeping your body healthy and maintaining physical energy – having healthy cells is a priority. Your cells generate their own energy with the help of mitochondria, which are tiny organelles found inside almost every one of your cells. Your mitochondria are like batteries for your cells, giving them (and you) the energy to function. These energy powerhouses are responsible for 90% of the body’s energy, which quickly explains the importance of supporting energy at a cellular level. Having healthy cells is the foundation for supporting your personal energy and fueling your purpose, because it helps you give more to yourself and others.

How does MitoQ help?

Cell stress can impact every aspect of your life from the way you think and feel, to the way you work and connect with others. Things like aging, a poor diet and too much stress can make your cells vulnerable to cell stress – leading to cellular damage. When your cellular health is compromised, so too is your quality of sleep, ability to recover from intense exercise, and mental and physical performance. In other words, your personal energy is affected.

Optimizing your mitochondria (those powerful battery packs that generate energy for your cells) will give your body the support it needs to help you get the most out of life.

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Discover the benefits of MitoQ

Optimizing your mitochondria to give your body the support it needs to help you get the most out of life.

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Other ways to charge your batteries

Recognize what depletes you

If you’re operating on autopilot, you may not be entirely aware of what’s depleting your energy each day. It might be poor sleep, work stress, not having enough alone time, or feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list. It pays to know the environments you thrive in, and whether you’re more introverted and need time alone to charge your batteries. Knowing this will help you make decisions that align with your energy needs.

Prioritize your mental health

Psychological and mental stress is hugely taxing for your energy levels, and it brings with it a kind of fatigue that can impact every area of your life. Flexing your mental muscles by practicing things like gratitude, meditation and taking regular breaks from mentally taxing tasks will help you reserve your energy and build mental toughness.

Monitor your self-talk

Any negative thoughts you feel about yourself and your environment will be draining your personal energy. When you refuse to be consumed by negative self-talk, not only will you feel surer of yourself, but you’ll naturally start to feel more energized as a result.

Empower your purpose

There’s a strong connection between personal energy and living a purpose-fueled life. You can probably remember a time when you were excited about a new project or goal, and that feeling of springing out of the bed in the morning with a renewed sense of energy. Doing more things that inspire you and connect you with your purpose will increase both motivation and momentum in your life.

Forge connections

Although humans are wired for connection, you’re probably well aware that some interactions can either fuel or deplete you. If you feel exhausted and uninspired after socializing, it could be that you’re hanging around with the wrong crowd. Creating connections with people who inspire you to be better will recharge your emotional energy batteries, and help get more out of life. Each interaction is an energy exchange - so forge connections that uplift and inspire you.

Empower your mitochondria

MitoQ is an advanced antioxidant molecule that is biodesigned to target your body’s energy source – your mitochondria – and combats cell stress. Once there, it helps to support the health of your cells, to help your body be more balanced, healthy and functioning at its best, so you have great stores of personal energy to tackled everything you want and need to in your life.

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Discover the benefits of MitoQ

Optimizing your mitochondria to give your body the support it needs to help you get the most out of life.

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