How to invest in your health: An overview

There comes a time in most people's lives where you look at your current health and wellness and determine that things need to change. Whether there is a call to action due to a diagnosis, or you simply want to make actionable change.

how to invest in your health

While this first step is crucial to making positive lifestyle and behavioral modifications, the next step of investment can be difficult. It can be challenging to know what health product or service you should invest in.

Investing in your health requires you to invest time, energy, and money. Below is an overview of the ways that you can invest in your health to make positive impacts on your overall wellness.

Take the time

The investment of time into your health is one of the most difficult for people to overcome. Working out, preparing healthy meals, taking time for your mental well being, stretching, and implementing a skin routine all require you to carve time out of your schedule to do.

Many people's health journey starts and ends at this initial stage as they are just “too busy” to prioritize their health. In reality most people have spare time that is underutilized by watching T.V., scrolling on social media, or just surfing the web. Carving out time and maintaining good health is difficult but it is important to remind yourself that you are worth it and deserve to live a healthy life.

When you embark on your journey to a life of better health, it is important to dig deep and understand what your motivations are for making these changes and what your goals are. Determining your goals and motivations for these changes can help you push through the challenges faced in the beginning when you start carving out time for yourself and your health.

Invest in good food

One of the best first steps to investing in your health is to invest in quality foods. There is a common misconception that healthy foods need to be expensive. While shopping organic can rack up quite the grocery bill, simply transitioning to a diet that is full of whole foods can greatly impact your health.

Grocery stores are full of isles that contain foods that are prepackaged, processed, and contain lots of preservatives. While it may seem like a cheap meal, if you were to make that same meal from scratch you would most likely spend a fraction of that per serving. Making it from scratch using fresh produce is also more likely to taste better and have little to no preservatives.

A great way to start eating healthier is to sit down and explore some healthy recipes online. The internet is a fantastic resource and it is easy to find free recipes that taste delicious and help you achieve a healthy body. With practice and time, you’ll be able to whip up whatever you want and feel good that you are eating well and taking care of your body through quality nutrition.

Take advantage of health apps

Today people are on their phones more than ever. While it is generally considered a bad habit to be on your phone all the time, you could utilize your phone addiction to your advantage. There are a number of health apps available for smartphones that can add value to your health journey.

One way to spice up your journey to wellness is to invite a friend or family member to join you. Some smartphone apps can connect to a fitness tracker where you can compete with your friend to add a little more accountability to your wellness journey.

Going through a lifestyle change alone can be difficult and having a support system can help you through the trying times. Having people you care about help build you up and cheer you on not only facilitates stronger relationships, but it holds you accountable and makes you much more likely to stick with your healthy lifestyle goals.

Buy workout equipment

While buying workout equipment can be a hefty monetary commitment for real gym equipment, you don’t necessarily need to get the most expensive things available. Owning your own equipment is great because it gives you no excuses to not go to the gym. It is also very convenient if you work from home because you can get a quick workout in during your lunch break to boost your energy levels through the latter parts of the day.

Getting a bike and a stationary trainer is the perfect investment for increasing your activity levels. A bicycle is a great investment because you are able to enjoy it both outdoors and indoors if you get a stationary trainer. Getting exercise on a bike is great because it is low impact, aerobic, and a generally easy to do exercise.

If you're not much of a biker and prefer weights, you can get a set of weights for a fairly reasonable price. With your own gym equipment you can workout from the comforts of your own home and don’t need to worry about waiting in line to utilize a piece of gym equipment.

Hire a personal trainer

If you are really serious about your physical health, a physical trainer can help you tremendously in achieving your strength, physique, or stamina goals. A personal trainer is a trained professional who understands proper technique, what exercises target what muscles, and general knowledge about working out.

Getting a personal trainer has more benefits than just their expertise. Getting a personal trainer adds another person to your support system that holds you accountable. When you hire a personal trainer you are making a commitment with that person that you will show up when agreed upon. It can be easy for people to slip back into a life of exercise avoidance. Having a person who is expecting you there regularly adds an additional social pressure to push you through those days when you don’t feel like working out.

Take supplements

Supplements are a way that you can ensure that you are getting all the nutrition that you may have left out from your diet. A great supplement that can help you in your quest for wellness is MitoQ.

MitoQ, short for mitoquinol, is a specially formulated antioxidant that supports the process of cellular energy. Cells produce energy through the breakdown of glucose. The mitochondria is responsible for this breakdown and converts the energy from carbon bonds and converts it into ATP which is the usable form of energy within the cell.

Through the process of cellular respiration, the mitochondria produce ROS as a byproduct. If the body does not contain enough antioxidants to remove ROS, we consequently feel the effects of oxidative stress. This can lead to a decrease in mitochondrial efficiency.

MitoQ acts by providing antioxidants directly to the mitochondrial membrane where it is able to help cancel out ROS and reestablish normal mitochondrial efficiency.

When taken for three months, MitoQ can make a potentially meaningful difference in your general health. By supporting your mental focus, graceful aging, and sustained energy levels MitoQ can make a real difference within your body. A three-month supply of MitoQ is a fantastic investment into your health.

Have yearly physicals

Yearly physicals are an important component of your health because they are opportunities to ensure that your body is functioning as it should. Many problems with the human body have subtle cues that can be picked up during a physical exam.

Getting an annual physical is the best form of preventative care that you can do to avoid some difficult to treat and lifelong health conditions.

Care for your mental health

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. A great way to invest in your mental health is to treat yourself to a vacation. Whether it is a weekend getaway, or just a relaxing long weekend at home, taking a break for your mental wellbeing can allow you to feel better and even perform better.


Taking the time and effort to focus on your health and wellbeing is not an easy task. It requires effort, persistence, and time to make actionable changes. Making wise investments in your time, money, and resources it can make it easier for you to fully commit to lifestyle modifications and adopt a new healthy life.

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