Is chocolate high in antioxidants?

Chocolate contains antioxidants – but can these antioxidants fight cell stress in meaningful doses? Keep reading to find out.


Chocolate contains antioxidants and minerals, and multiple research papers on chocolate have found that it can reduce oxidative stress – a leading cause of cell stress - which suggests that chocolate is a good source of antioxidants. However, not all chocolate is made equal. Keep reading to find out what chocolate forms contain the most antioxidants – and how the antioxidants found in chocolate stack up against the MitoQ molecule.

Does white chocolate contain antioxidants?

If you’re trying to get a good dose of antioxidants, white chocolate probably isn’t the best place to start. The more cacao powder in your chocolate, the better your chances are of encountering antioxidants. White chocolate does contain cocoa butter, but the cacao powder in this butter is generally quite diluted – meaning you won’t find many antioxidants inside. If you’re looking to enjoy a sweet treat in moderation, go for it! But if you’re seeking out antioxidants, there are definitely much better sources than white chocolate.

Does milk chocolate have antioxidants?

While milk chocolate might be a step above white chocolate in terms of antioxidant content, it’s still going to be quite a diluted source. If you’re opting for milk chocolate, make sure it’s because you enjoy it and not for its antioxidants. You can find much better sources of antioxidants elsewhere.

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Does dark chocolate have antioxidants?

Typically, dark chocolate contains antioxidants in higher quantities than white and milk chocolate. This is simply because it contains more cacao powder. Multiple research papers have found that there is a high correlation between the levels of cocoa and antioxidants in chocolate. So, generally, the darker the chocolate – the higher the antioxidant content will be.

Does cocoa powder have antioxidants?

Cocoa powder is the result of a heated cacao bean. While cocoa consumption has been related to reduced oxidative stress in multiple studies, it is worth noting that when cacao beans are heated, they lose some of their antioxidants. That being said, if you’re looking to enjoy some chocolate AND a dose of antioxidants – cocoa powder and darker chocolates are generally going to be more antioxidant dense than milk and white chocolates.

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Does cacao have the most antioxidants?

If you want to enjoy the king of chocolate, try cacao. Cacao is the least processed form of chocolate and is considered the healthiest form of chocolate because its antioxidant quantity hasn’t been reduced by heating and processing. Raw cacao is often enjoyed in the form of cacao powder – which can be added to smoothies and baking – and cacao nibs, which can be enjoyed as a treat on their own or added to an array of dishes. It’s also a good source of iron, protein, magnesium, potassium and fiber.

Is chocolate good for you?

As is the case with most foods, there are pros and cons to chocolate – and it should be enjoyed within a balanced diet. While dark chocolate, cocoa powder and cacao powder provide more antioxidants than milk chocolate, they also contain high levels of caffeine. So, if you’re caffeine-sensitive, you might want to enjoy chocolate in moderation. That being said, researchers have discovered plenty of reasons to feel good about eating chocolate. Scientists have found that cocoa/cacao has potential health benefits across arterial health, weight management and mood. One research paper on chocolate even concluded that there is an “abundance of evidence” that shows chocolate to be beneficial to cardiovascular health – although further research is needed to confirm this.

Chocolate vs. MitoQ

While you can consume antioxidants through chocolate, it’s unlikely that significant amounts of these antioxidants will make it into your cells where they’re needed most. This is because your cellular powerhouses – your mitochondria – are very selective about what they will let inside. And because about 90% of cell stress originates within your mitochondria, this is where you want antioxidants to go. So, while there are some benefits to enjoying chocolate, if you really want to consume an impactful antioxidant – MitoQ is the way to go. It’s an antioxidant molecule that has been biodesigned to target your mitochondria and fight cell stress at its source – helping the building blocks of your body to function as they should. To learn more about this unique molecule, check out MitoQ clinical trials and MitoQ reviews.

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