Do not purchase another CoQ10 supplement without reading this!

On face value taking CoQ10 makes sense … When you take CoQ10 you support the generation of energy and reduction of cellular free radical damage …. or do you?

Advanced CoQ10

Supplementing with CoQ10 makes a lot of sense.

CoQ10 has two important jobs; it works in your mitochondria to generate ATP, the molecule that delivers energy to your cell and it doubles as a powerful natural antioxidant that quenches free radicals that form as a byproduct of the ATP generation process. CoQ10 is so critical to mitochondrial function that almost all of the CoQ10 in our body sits inside these energy-generating organelles.

Does the theory match the reality?

There is one very small but quite important problem that most CoQ10 brands conveniently overlook … when you swallow your CoQ10 barely any of it reaches the place it is needed the most - your mitochondria!

Why? Because CoQ10 does not easily pass through the mitochondrial double membrane.

For this reason mitochondria make their own supply of CoQ10 inside.

Mitochondria manufacture CoQ10 inside the double membrane because it is almost impossible for CoQ10 to cross the membrane. That CoQ10 you are taking is simply not getting to your mitochondria and you are not getting the benefit you could be getting by taking traditional forms of this supplement - even the expensive brands that offer greater bioavailability.

The CoQ10 breakthrough

It took a biochemist and a biologist to identify the problem and then work out a way to get CoQ10 into the mitochondria. They harnessed a very simple law of physics to literally flood the mitochondria with CoQ10. The secret? Simply adding a positive charge to CoQ10. Positively charged CoQ10 flood the negatively charged mitochondria with hundreds of times more CoQ10 than any other CoQ10 supplement.

Introducing MitoQ

MitoQ is a brand new type of CoQ10 and it is quite simply the very best CoQ10 supplement on the market today. It is a massive leap forward in mitochondria-targeting technology.

MitoQ is scientifically proven to get inside mitochondria and deliver a large amount of CoQ10.

You literally feel the difference with increased energy as your mitochondria start to deliver energy to your cells and reduce the oxidative damage to your cellular machinery and DNA.

The anti-aging benefits of this exciting breakthrough are being talked about in special anti-aging forums and being recommended by leading anti-aging doctors around the world.

So what actually happens if you get CoQ10 into the mitochondria?

It turns out quite a lot.

Over 20 years, 60 million dollars in research and 400 published scientific papers later show that MitoQ optimises mitochondrial function and can support cellular repair in many conditions that have a mitochondrial link.

Go visit pubmed.com today and search for MitoQ to get a sense of the deep science linked to this very interesting compound.

Why take MitoQ?

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Support memory and cognitive function
  • Slow down cellular aging
  • Support organ function by delivering more energy to your cells.
  • 60 million in research and development
  • 400 published peer reviewed papers
  • Amazing results by thousands of customers around the world

Who should take MitoQ?

  • Anyone over the age of 30 (because mitochondria naturally decline in function by around 10% a decade and MitoQ helps mitochondria continue to deliver high levels of energy to your cells).
  • Anyone who wants to support heart, brain, kidney, muscle and liver health - the organs that need the most energy and have the most mitochondria.
  • Health needs that are linked to oxidative stress or mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Anyone taking a statin medicine to control cholesterol levels.
  • Anyone who is overweight or has blood sugar control difficulties.

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