MitoQ's benefits for controlling your blood sugar

A new 2016 study from the University of Valencia in Spain has shown that MitoQ has a number of benefits for people with poor blood sugar control. The study involving 169 people showed that MitoQ’s powerful antioxidant effects can reduce oxidative stress and support normal cardiovascular health in these people.

MitoQ +blood sugar: 60 capsules

Ongoing research such as this has provided us with a much better understanding of how blood sugar levels can become unbalanced, and how we can support related health conditions and help keep blood sugar levels in the normal range. MitoQ Blood Sugar is a revolutionary product which has a dual action of both supporting mitochondrial function and supporting natural sugar metabolism.

Introducing MitoQ +blood sugar for Mitochondrial Support

MitoQ +blood sugar is the only product to support normal blood sugar levels that contains the patented mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, “MitoQ”; a special formulation of the antioxidant CoQ10. CoQ10 is used by our mitochondria (our cellular power plants) to neutralize the free radicals that they produce when generating the energy our bodies need.

How does Mitochondria effect your blood sugar levels?

When blood sugar levels are out of balance, our mitochondria become less efficient at producing energy for our cells and the reserves of CoQ10 inside our mitochondria can decline. When this happens, the levels of cellular damage caused by excess free radicals grows. This “oxidative stress” is now known to contribute to a whole host of potentially serious health conditions.

Where MitoQ differs from standard CoQ10 supplements is that standard CoQ10 is not able to effectively penetrate the mitochondria and get to where it is most needed. However, MitoQ is CoQ10 with a positive charge attached, which allows it to be actively taken up inside mitochondria at levels hundreds of times higher than standard CoQ10. This provides a huge antioxidant boost, enabling our mitochondria to more effectively control the damage caused by oxidative stress and efficiently utilize glucose to power our cells.

MitoQ +blood sugar also contains the following ingredients for extra blood sugar metabolism support:


has been shown in many studies to be effective at supporting normal blood sugar levels and MitoQ Blood Sugar contains a potent extract of cinnamon bark. Many human studies have shown that cinnamon helps to support normal insulin metabolism and balanced blood sugar levels. It has also been shown to support normal cholesterol levels.


supplementation has also been shown in many studies to support balanced blood sugar levels, and chromium is critical for insulin to function properly. MitoQ Blood Sugar contains chromium picolinate, a common formulation of this mineral with improved absorption over other forms.


plays a very important role in our production, storage, and use of insulin. It is also required for the metabolism of various nutrients and is a vital component of hundreds of different enzymes within the body. Taking zinc has been shown to support normal blood sugar and also help to normalize cholesterol levels. MitoQ Blood Sugar contains a zinc-amino acid complex for optimized absorption.

When taken daily, MitoQ +blood sugar is an effective addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise regime to support normal blood sugar levels. MitoQ +blood sugar supercharges your mitochondrial antioxidant reserves, assists with normal energy utilization, and provides natural and effective blood sugar management support.

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