Rose Wetzel’s top tips for mental clarity and focus

We recently caught up with athlete Rose Wetzel to find out how she maintains mental clarity and focus amongst a seriously busy schedule.

Athlete Rose Wetzel running

If you’re like most of us, chances are, you could always do with more mental clarity and focus. Enter Rose Wetzel: she’s a mom, professional athlete, motivational speaker, contributing author and a MitoQ ambassador. While her multi-faceted life may sound like a juggling act, she takes a very practical and human approach to managing it all so that she can be her best in the moments that matter most. We recently caught up with her to find out how she maintains mental clarity and focus amongst a seriously busy schedule – and how you might be able to incorporate some of these strategies into your own busy schedule.

MitoQ: When are you most likely to experience brain fog?

Rose Wetzel: When I’m over-scheduled and trying to multitask.

MitoQ: What are some small steps you typically take to get your mental focus back?

RW: Step back, prioritize, and tackle one task at a time.

MitoQ: What helps you balance work and family time?

RW: Getting up early enough to start my day before my daughter wakes up. Starting with a clear, focused mindset, tackling at least one important item on my to-do list so I can give her my full attention when she first wakes up. (The days I don’t do this, I end up feeling frazzled, trying to simultaneously be productive by, for example, writing to my coach or writing a blog, while getting my five-year-old ready for the day. She then tries to compete with my computer for my attention, and that never goes well for either of us).

MitoQ: What foods and supplements do you typically consume to support your mental clarity and busy lifestyle?

MitoQ ambassador Rose Wetzel


  • A glass of water in the morning
  • MitoQ in the morning
  • Healthy food: I have a goal to get at least one veggie in before lunch
  • Zinc and magnesium at night (these help my immunity, my muscles, and my sleep)

MitoQ: Why is taking care of your cellular health important to you and your goals?

RW: My goal is to win an obstacle course racing world championship, which means I need each and every aspect of my health on point, right down to the cellular level. Optimal cellular health is the foundation for optimal overall health, which is the prerequisite for achieving one’s performance potential (whether it’s athletics, business, parenting, or all of the above!).

MitoQ: How do routines help you to stay on track mentally and physically?

RW: My life and workout schedules involve a lot of routines so that I can get important things done out of habit, without having to use precious brain power (which I prefer to save for things that involve creativity, like parenting!).

This helps me stay on track mentally and physically because hitting my athletic goals and a variety of other life goals are important to me, so I use routines to maximize my time and energy, and thus my productivity.

When we develop good habits and routines, our minds don't have to use as much energy to accomplish a task. We go on sort of an auto-pilot, reserving precious energy for new tasks or ones that require creativity (like parenting!), making it easier to hit our potential, using our time and energy well.

MitoQ's cellular-level support gives me the energy and confidence I need to tackle big goals. (And little ones, too!).
Rose Wetzel Professional athlete & MitoQ ambassador

MitoQ: What are some strategies you use to manage stress?

RW: 2-6 minutes of meditation each day. I started this commitment a few weeks ago as part of my latest blog series, Be The Best You:101, and I find even just a few minutes to be significantly beneficial in adding patience, perspective, and a sense of calmness to my day.

MitoQ: Do have any tips for staying focused when working from home with kids?

RW: Lists, calendars, phone alerts, sticky notes – anything that re-directs me back to the most important task at hand after a planned or unplanned kiddo disruption.

MitoQ: What are your go-to workouts and do you feel they support your mental clarity?

RW: Running and cycling out in nature clears my mind, allowing me to change my environment, give my brain a rest and let my legs and lungs take over, taking in fresh air and beautiful views.

MitoQ: What are your favorite apps for self-care and goal tracking?


MitoQ: What are your top 3 book recommendations for anyone wanting to get more out of life?


MitoQ: What’s your favorite thing about MitoQ?

RW: I love that I can take MitoQ first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, as opposed to having to wait to take it with a meal, like typical supplements. Having one simple thing I can do for myself before life's parenting and work obligations burst into my day is empowering. MitoQ's cellular-level support gives me the energy and confidence I need to tackle big goals. (And little ones, too!).

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