Cellular health: impacts on your mental & physical wellbeing

When you take care of your cellular health, a domino effect occurs that supports your mental health, physical wellbeing - and a vibrant life. Here’s how.

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We all want to be able to perform at our best. We don’t doubt that, like many of us at MitoQ, you have a well-stocked wellbeing toolkit to help you with this. This might include a carefully designed sleep ritual, a daily dose of exercise or a selection of mindful apps that help you manage your stress levels. One thing that tends to be missing from many people’s wellbeing toolkits is the ability to combat cellular stress. Things like aging, a poor diet and too much stress can make your cells vulnerable to cell stress – leading to cellular damage. When your cellular health is compromised, so too is your quality of sleep, ability to recover from intense exercise, and mental and physical performance.

No doubt, you already know that MitoQ has been proven to combat cell stress. But this means different things to different people. For you, having that cellular health support might mean that you’ve got the mental focus to tackle a stressful deadline at work and still have the energy to play with your kids at the end of a long day. For one of your loved ones, it might mean having the stamina to tackle a half-marathon or to age with a little more grace. Cellular health means different things to different people. Here, we want to guide you through the different ways that MitoQ might be able to support you and your loved ones in living a full, vibrant life.

Can MitoQ support my cardiovascular health?

Studies have found that our pioneering molecule can support heart health in several ways. One MitoQ human clinical trial carried out by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder found that, when older adults consumed MitoQ for six weeks, their arterial ability to dilate improved by 42% - which supports healthy blood flow. This study also concluded that MitoQ significantly supports the health of the aorta – your body’s largest artery.

MitoQ customers also report experiencing cardiovascular support, with one customer saying “My natural health practitioner has also advised me to continue using MitoQ Heart and I'm only too happy to follow this advice."

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Does MitoQ improve sleep quality?

Current research on the connection between mitochondrial health and sleep quality is quite fascinating. MitoQ works by targeting the tiny mitochondria within your cells. Once inside your mitochondria, MitoQ gives them the support they need to combat cellular stress and produce your body’s energy. Your mitochondria are closely linked to your sleep/wake cycle and help your body to repair itself while you sleep. While much more research is needed in this area, current findings suggest that, by supporting mitochondrial health, your quality of sleep and energy resilience may be improved.

According to some MitoQ reviews, customers are noticing a difference in this area. One New Zealand-based customer sent us a review stating: “Being a science addict I became particularly interested in the role of mitochondria after brushing up against some health issues, (not fun, trust me) which I have been fortunate enough to keep at arm's length for a very long time now. So when I saw the brand name I knew I had to give it a go. I found the effects are fast and unequivocal. After just 2 days I noticed a difference, in increased power output and possibly most intriguing of all is the increased quality of rest and recovery after effort. This is not a happy placebo effect: I use several state of the art sport performance wearables and they all track and confirm the impact of MitoQ. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

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Can MitoQ help me to reach my exercise goals?

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If you'd like to improve your physical wellbeing by putting more into your workouts or speeding up your muscle recovery, MitoQ can help. MitoQ clinical trials have found that taking MitoQ can help experienced cyclists to complete time trials faster and increase cycling power outputs. Another study found that MitoQ can reduce mitochondrial damage in muscle caused by high-intensity exercise. If that’s not enough, MitoQ has also been shown to help older adults improve their leg extension power.

For these reasons, MitoQ is popular among athletes of all ages and abilities. One of our customers has said “Now, the one thing I have experienced a lot for some years now is muscle ache approximately 24 hours after a strenuous workout or run. Have had it for years, read about it a lot - “blame it on lactic acid.” And this is where it got interesting: within about 5 weeks of taking MitoQ daily - those post-workout muscle aches have subsided almost entirely!”

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Does MitoQ provide energy support?

The simple habit of taking 10mg of MitoQ when you wake up in the morning can give you some serious energy support. It’s not like coffee-driven energy followed by a crash – it’s the sustained feeling of energy that comes from having healthy cells. Many studies have found that MitoQ significantly combats cellular stress. In doing so, it enables your cells to function as they should – supporting your mind and body in their everyday tasks. It also supports your source – your mitochondria – in producing the energy that your body needs to function.

In a review of MitoQ, seventy-three-year-old Di from New Zealand says “I’ve been using MitoQ for four or five weeks and must say I certainly am getting loads more energy which at 73 yrs is fantastic doing stuff around my place that I haven’t had the energy to do for a long while. It’s so worth it so thanks MitoQ.”

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Does MitoQ support mental clarity?

In short – yes. Our Chief Scientific Officer William Stow often reminds us that “your brain is only 2% of your body’s weight but it uses 20% of your body’s energy needs. Any cells that have lots of mitochondria/use a lot of energy also produce a lot of free radicals. So MitoQ is excellent at supporting your nervous system.” Basically, by combating cellular stress, MitoQ gives your body more fuel to power your brain’s high energy needs – resulting in supported mental clarity.

Many MitoQ customers experience this, and many report a positive shift in their usual “three-o'clock brain fog”. In his testimonial, Ron from New Zealand says that MitoQ has helped him focus more when playing golf: “I have been taking MitoQ for just over one month after being recommended to the product by a friend. There are two notable outcomes – firstly it has helped my blood sugar levels become more stable and secondly I realized my focus had significantly increased leading to among other things a significant improvement in my golf. The only change in my life in the past month has been MitoQ so my hypothesis is that MitoQ is working for me.

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Disclaimer: MitoQ supplement testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary.

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