Lady on the Road - What to Bring in Your Travel Kit?

Nowadays, it is more and more common for people to travel. No matter where you go, you want to look your best at your destination, especially on a romantic vacation, when visiting friends or family or when traveling on business. It is important to dress well for the occasions and present appropriate overall look. A little planning before you leave can deliver easy but fantastic results.

Here are some tips that will help with your packing:

1. Time vs. Quantity: 

Categorize your trip by the length of time: short trip (less than 7 days), medium trip (10 to 15 days) and long trip (around a month). Review the products that you use everyday and choose different sizes to bring according to your trip length. Did you get some samples with your last skin care purchase? It’s time to use them! The packages of small samples are usually disposable. But you might want to think about re-using the packages of medium-sized samples. Those bottles work as fine as travel packs, and sometimes even better, as you don’t need to tag them! Bear in mind: try to finish the amount that you take out from your daily bottles. NEVER put them back and NEVER leave them till the next trip.

2. Skincare vs. Makeup: 

We recommend two separate bags - one for skin care products and one for your make-up. The skincare bag should include makeup remover, a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen. Some tools such as cotton buds, tweezer, and so on will be very handy also. You may also consider putting in facial masks or spray for keeping your skin hydrated on long haul flights. The amount of make-up products for your travel set really depends on your personal need. BB cream is very efficient as it is an all-in-one product to replace moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. Eye liner and mascara do not take much space and will make you look awake and fresh. Additionally, bring 2 to 3 lipsticks with different colour to match your dresses (or your mood).

3. Location, Location, Location: 

Choose your products carefully and consider your destination. For example, if you are going on a vacation at the beach, a sun block with high SPF is very essential. Also, if you don’t want your make-up to run or smudge, pick those waterproof eyeliner or mascara.

So, are you ready to go on a trip now?

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