MitoQ wrapped: a 2023 recap

2023 was another big year for the world – and another big year for MitoQ as a company.

MitoQ pure pills in hand

Through all of the ups and downs, we’ve been so encouraged by the feedback from customers around the world who, in ways big and small, have experienced a positive change in their life after taking MitoQ. Last year was a year of changes and battles won, and we’re sure there are some you will have missed! So, here’s a quick recap.

10 years of MitoQ

In 2023 we proudly celebrated our 10 year anniversary, an incredible milestone for all of us here at MitoQ HQ. And what better way to celebrate 10 years of MitoQ than a visit from the creators of MitoQ themselves?

Back in the late 90’s, at the University of Otago in New Zealand, biochemist Professor Rob Smith and mitochondrial biologist Professor Mike Murphy created a new and unique molecule with a remarkable quality - the ability to be absorbed directly into mitochondria, the powerhouses within cells. This molecule was the beginning of MitoQ, which 14 years later became available as a supplemental health product.

It was fantastic to celebrate 10 years of MitoQ alongside its co-creators Mike and Robin, and the whole MitoCrew were lucky enough to sit down with the pair for a fascinating Q&A session.

Launch of MitoQ adrenal +balance

After listening to customer feedback and carrying out market research, we found that 50% of respondents are experiencing common signs of stress, including fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, occasional changes in sleep quality and lack of mental clarity & focus — so we wanted to help with that.

2023 was the year that we introduced MitoQ adrenal +balance to the world. Our latest formula utilizes our proprietary cell health technology to address stress in a truly unique way – through your 37 trillion cells. We all experience stress, burnout, fatigue, and that general feeling of being ‘out-of-whack’ from time to time. But what we don’t all realize is that our body’s ‘fight or flight’ stress response is linked to our trillions of cells, and especially those cells that make up the adrenal glands. When we’re feeling stressed, our cells have to produce more energy to cope with that stress.

MitoQ adrenal +balance contains a blend of ingredients to combat stress at the cellular level. Supporting your cells' mitochondrial health helps to regulate your body's stress response at the source.

Introducing our Science Expert Panel

Since the creation of MitoQ, research has been at the cornerstone of everything we do as a brand. ⁠To deepen our understanding of research and emerging science within the ever-evolving world of cellular health, we're excited to introduce our MitoQ Science Experts! ⁠Our world-renowned panel of scientific experts span from different countries globally, including prestigious institutions such as Cambridge, Harvard, King's College London, and various fields, including cellular biology, aging, and mitochondrial science.

Meet the experts

Recognition and awards won

This year we were thrilled to be selected as an official honoree for 2023’s The Webby Awards, which was a big ‘pinch us’ moment to receive what is known as the ‘Oscars of the internet’. MitoQ was voted one of the top 10 health and wellbeing websites in the world by 3,000 digital industry experts. This acknowledgement wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for our incredible team, and the brilliant minds that make up our digital agency Gladeye, and our brand design agency, Born Ugly.

We were also thrilled to win a "Highly Commended" award in the Cawthron Institute Innovation category of the at the Natural Health Products New Zealand Awards last month. This particular award was for the innovative approach we have taken in developing our Brand and eComm ecosystem, to deliver high levels of optimization and efficiency. It's exciting to receive recognition for all the great progress we have made in finding, attracting, engaging and converting more customers, with greater efficiency.

On top of the recognition we received from these awards, MitoQ was also mentioned in Forbes, Vogue China, Muscle & Fitness, Authority Magazine and BAZAAR.

The year of the podcast

2023 was the year we dabbled in the exciting world of podcasting! Two key MitoCrew players were featured on well-known podcast platforms this year.

  • MitoQ Chief Science Officer Dr. Siobhan Mitchell recently sat down with Joe Cohen from The Joe Cohen Show podcast. In the episode, Siobhan shared her impressive academic and industry experience, and both her and Joe explored all things mood, cognitive function and mitochondrial health. The full episode dives deep into the significance of brain energy, gut health, appetite, and the serotonin-mood connection - which Siobhan has been studying for the past 20 years. You can find the full episode here.
  • MitoQ CEO Mahara Inglis sat down with Ramon Vela from The Story of a Brand Show podcast to discuss trends in longevity and healthy aging, MitoQ's patented molecule and all that it can do - plus so much more! You can find the full episode here.

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