Ingredient Spotlight: Myrtocyan

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Although it has never been confirmed, legend has it that British Air Force Pilots in WWII would eat bilberry jam on toast daily to heighten their night vision capabilities and help them to bomb with devastating accuracy. 

Bilberry Ingredient ImageA close relative of the common blueberry, bilberry has been used for almost 1,000 years in traditional European medicine. Unlike blueberries which typically only have a dark skin, bilberries also have a deep red, strongly fragrant flesh, indicative of the significantly higher levels of antioxidant flavonoids they contain.

Fresh bilberries are hard to come by and so its extract is often sold in capsule form and is one of the top selling herbal supplements in the United States.

MitoQ EyeMitoQ Eye contains Myrtocyan, a potent high quality extract from the fresh fruit of the European Bilberry. Myrtocyan is a 100:1 extract of bilberry, meaning that one dose of MitoQ Eye provides the same anthocyanin content as 8 grams of fresh fruit.

The principle actives in Myrtocyan are flavonoids called "anthocyanins", water soluble plant pigments which are often responsible for the blue, purple or red colors of many fruits, leaves and flowers. In plants, anthocyanins act as antioxidants against the free radical damage caused by UV light and temperature extremes, as well as attracting foraging and pollinating animals to the fruit and flowers. Alongside the anthocyanins, Myrtocyan also contains other bioactive molecules such as tannins (like those found in red grapes) and resveratrol.

In addition to being strong antioxidants themselves, anthocyanins have also been shown to support optimal levels of the naturally occurring antioxidant enzymes typically found in the eye and other tissues. Anthocyanins support healthy blood flow to the retina and act synergistically with Pycnogenol to support the healthy structure of the capillaries there. In combination with Pycnogenol, Myrtocyan has also been shown to support normal fluid pressure within the eye and normal tear production.

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