Rose Wetzel is now #poweredbymitoq

Rose Wetzel ~ Spartan obstacle course racer, competitive runner, mom, coach and trainer.

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Super woman, superstar, super athlete, superhuman, whatever you want to call her, Rose Wetzel is definitely super. She’s a Spartan obstacle course racer, coach and trainer, competitive runner, wife, mother and now we are thrilled to call her an ambassador for MitoQ.

Rose Wetzel, a Spartan obstacle course racer, smiling and holding her medal

Rose is a woman on a mission to become the fastest, strongest, most well-rounded obstacle-course racer she can be. She has some big goals this year and is very aware of the ‘load’ she is putting on her body.

“So, what do you do when you already train hard and eat healthy, and you still want to get faster/stronger? You get creative, and dial in “the little things,” like sleep, self-care, and supplementation.” says Rose.

After a friend and fellow Spartan competitor educated Rose on CoQ10 she decided to take a deeper dive into the science. “Then I saw that Spartan partnered with a new company called MitoQ, which is a scientifically advanced CoQ10 antioxidant. I gave it a try and loved it!”

Rose now takes MitoQ Pure as part of her training regime.

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I take it first thing in the morning, knowing I’m supporting my body on the cellular level, so I can confidently increase my training intensity.

We are inspired by Rose’s drive. At age 37 and the mother of a toddler, she can run 5KM in just 16 minutes and 14 seconds! Not only that, Rose passionately uses her platform as an athlete to educate others about health and fitness, and she seeks to encourage and empower people to be their very best. She enjoys being a role model for children, especially for young girls, by showing them how to be strong and confident in our society.

MitoQ is proud to be supporting Rose in her pursuit to be at the top of her game. To keep up with her amazing journey, follow her on Instagram @runningrosie or follow the hashtag #poweredbymitoq

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